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Mobile Solutions Adapted To The Healthcare Sector

Eutronix solutions pour le secteur des soins de santé

Ideal mobile solutions for the healthcare industry.

Providing our partners with mobile solutions adapted to the healthcare sector is all the more essential as the sector is currently undergoing profound change. In particular, we offer solutions in the following sectors:

🩺 Home Care 👩🏼‍⚕️ Nursing Care in Hospitals 🧪 Laboratories 🧑🏼‍⚕️ Pharmacies

What are the criteria for choosing the best mobile solution?
Eutronix - cleaning

First, hygiene is critical in healthcare, including when using mobile devices. These devices pass from person to person constantly in a 24/7 environment. The industry now requires ISO certification for these devices.

Additionally, an accessible alarm button is often requested to enable workers to generate an emergency alarm immediately.

Finally, users’ access to specific functions must be limited.

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Traceability and functions
Eutronix - AER

Collect patient data through data capture (2D imaging device or a NFC scanner).

Our manufacturer partners also offers multiple easy-to-use software options for configuring portable terminals.

An integrated fingerprint reader provides quick and secure access.

Connectivity and speed
Eutronix - L'importance de la connectivité dans le choix d'une solution mobile

Bluetooth is necessary for connecting with external devices like geolocation beacons or printers, whether they are portable or not.

It’s also important for portable terminals to have a fast processor, as well as sufficient RAM and ROM memory.

Finally, choosing a device with a long-lasting or quick-changing battery is crucial for ensuring end-user availability throughout the shift.

Robustness and agility
Eutronix maniabilité

Choosing durable solutions that pass drop tests can limit damage from drops.

The IP protection rating also shows how well a device resists dust and moisture.

Charging through a micro-USB can seriously damage it, possibly resulting in having to replace the motherboard. This is why using cradles is more reliable and allows for faster charging.

Finally, people using a portable device typically want it to be light and practical. Features like a wrist strap, belt clip, or pouch with belt clip help make it more manageable.

Eutronix - Durabilité des composants

The healthcare sector’s solutions must be available for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. This will not only be economically and ecologically viable but will also prevent any hurry to readjust your software.

The services and contracts should cover a wide range of scopes enabling the end-user to relax.

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Providing mobile solutions to the healthcare sector is not the only string to our bow.

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