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Effortless Efficiency: The Power of Hands-Free Technology

Discover how to streamline your workflow in our fast-paced world with Eutronix’s hands-free solutions. Join us to explore simple, efficient tech upgrades.

Effortless Efficiency: The Power of Hands-Free Technology

In today’s quick-moving work world, it might seem hard to work more efficiently without making things more complicated. However, the growing use of hands-free technology shows that it’s not just possible, it’s also easy to do. This kind of technology makes work simpler, cuts down on mistakes, and makes the workplace safer, all while letting your team use their hands and minds for the important stuff.

The big question is: How can your company make the most of hands-free technology to not just keep up with competition but actually get ahead? From smart gloves that communicate with your warehouse management system to wearable scanners that make keeping track of stock easier, there are so many possibilities. Join us as we explore some of the solutions Eutronix has to offer.

Thread in Motion: Smart Gloves for Smart Logistics

Thread in Motion is changing the game in warehouse item picking with their cutting-edge smart gloves. These aren’t your typical gloves; they’re a leap towards the future of how warehouses work. In fact, their smart gloves are made to make operations automatic, track assets instantly, and improve safety at work. With solutions like VEGA-X, VEGA, and CONWO, they offer features such as long scan range, easy integration, removable batteries, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency through hands-free technology.
  • Real-time tracking and management of assets.
  • Improved workplace safety with smart wearables.
  • Streamlined processes in logistics, manufacturing, and more.
  • Data analytics for informed decision-making.

A Video Introduction to Thread In Motion

Newland WD1 & WD2: Wearable Scanners Redefined

The Newland WD1 and WD2 wearable scanners are clever wearable scanners designed to make work faster and easier, letting workers scan items without having to stop what they’re doing. These scanners are built to last, easy to wear, and work really well, making them perfect for making the job of picking items faster. Eutronix is excited to bring these devices to warehouses, where they’ll help workers do their jobs more efficiently, without using their hands, making complicated tasks simpler.

Newland WD1

  • Android-based Newland WD1 Watch Scanner, ideal for tough work conditions.
  • Combines durability with consumer smartwatch convenience.
  • Features a 2.8″ capacitive touch screen and runs Android 9 GMS.
  • Equipped with a 3300 mAh battery for long use.
  • Offers Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity for always-on access.
  • Sturdy design, IP67 rated for water and dust resistance, and can survive 1.2M drops.
  • Supports hands-free scanning with other NWear devices for improved productivity.
  • Suitable for use in retail, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

Newland WD2

  • Newland WD2 Wearable Scanner: built for multitasking in efficiency-critical settings.
  • Offers 1D & 2D barcode scanning with Acuscan technology for accurate scans of even distorted or closely spaced barcodes.
  • Lightweight design, pairs with an Electronic Hand Strap for hands-free use, accommodating both right- and left-handed users.
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 for reliable connectivity.
  • Durable build: IP65 rated for dust and water resistance, withstands drops from 1.5m.
  • Perfect for use in retail, warehousing, logistics, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors.
Unitech MS652: Compact Powerhouse

The Unitech MS652 wearable scanner is a testament to the saying “good things come in small packages.” Its compact design does not compromise on performance and it’s comfortable to wear all day. This scanner is perfect for keeping track of inventory and helping with picking items. As always, Eutronix is excited to offer tools that not only make your work better but also make sure you’re comfortable and efficient while doing it.

Unitech MS652

  • Slim and innovative wearable ring design.
  • Easy switch between right and left-hand use with a simple push-and-rotate feature.
  • Offers wireless freedom with a 100-meter range.
  • Built tough with IP42 protection and able to withstand 1.5m drops.
  • Incorporates Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2 / classic V2.1 Class1 and NFC for quick pairing with smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android).
  • Comes with a changeable and rechargeable battery.
  • Battery lasts a full shift, up to 13 hours.
  • Can be worn on one or two fingers for better stability during use.
  • The “Unitech Scanner Utility” Android app provides a user-friendly interface and APIs for easy connection, setup, and data retrieval from the scanner, supporting Android 5.0 and newer devices.
  • Provides immediate scanning feedback through LED lights, buzzers, and vibration alerts.
Cipherlab WR30: Ergonomic Scanning Solution

The Cipherlab WR30 wearable scanner is made for the busy settings of industrial work. It’s designed to be comfortable to wear, making it easier for workers to pick items quickly and with less effort. This scanner fits perfectly with Eutronix’s goal of using technology to make workspaces more efficient and worker-friendly.

The WR30 stands out for its focus on comfort and ease of use in hands-free scanning. It shows how technology can make work better when it considers what users need. With its ability to reduce discomfort and speed up tasks, the WR30 is at the heart of Eutronix’s push towards a future where technology helps everyone work smarter, not harder.

Cipherlab WR30

  • Compact, with dimensions of 62.8 x 31.8 x 17.3 mm
  • Lightweight, weighing only 59g with the battery included
  • Versatile, capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes, thanks to its SE4770/SE5500 scan engine.
  • Its operational range extends up to 14 meters, allowing users to scan items from a distance.
  • Users receive immediate scanning feedback through a buzzer, LED, and vibration indicator, enhancing the user experience.
  • Featuring Bluetooth V5.3 (BLE) for wireless connectivity
  • Pairing the device is effortless with NFC tap-to-pair functionality, along with traditional Bluetooth pairing options.
  • The 600 mAh battery capacity supports up to 8 hours of work, covering a full shift without needing a recharge.
  • Equipped with a USB Type-C interface for convenient charging and data transfer.
  • Can survive 1.8m drops and tumbles, and is sealed with an IP65 rating against water and dust.
  • Operates reliably in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 50°C, and can be stored in temperatures from -40°C to 70°C.
  • Humidity levels from 10% to 90% for operating and 5% to 95% for storage are within its tolerance
  • Offers protection against electrostatic discharge, withstanding ±10 kV contact and ±20 kV air discharges.
TSL 2173: The Ultimate Wearable Bluetooth® LF/HF & NFC RFID Reader for Seamless Connectivity

TSL 2173

  • The 2173 Bluetooth® LF/HF & NFC RFID Reader allows a Bluetooth® host device to read and write to various Low Frequency and High Frequency RFID transponders.
  • An optional 2D Imager version is available, which can capture both 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Scanned information can be input into any application on the host device using the Bluetooth® HID keyboard mode.
  • Alternatively, the Reader can be controlled through an app on the host device.
  • The 2173 Reader uses the TSL® ASCII 2 Protocol, enabling compatibility and ease of use for developers.
  • TSL® offers comprehensive, free SDKs for development in Xamarin, Java, Objective C, or .NET, facilitating application development for the Reader.
Zebra FS40 and Datalogic Matrix 320: The Future of Worktop Scanning

In the world of packing and shipping, being quick and accurate is key. The Zebra FS40 and Datalogic Matrix 320 scanners are changing the game by speeding up how quickly and precisely we can gather data. When used alongside scales and systems that measure the size of packages, these scanners show how well technology can work with hands-on tasks. This is exactly the kind of teamwork between tech and manual work that Eutronix aims to support.

Zebra FS40

  • Comes with an intuitive platform – Aurora™ Software – that makes setting up, deploying, and running the FS40 very straightforward
  • The scanner has the capability to process up to 16 different images at the same time, which is key to achieving high read rates, especially for challenging barcodes.
  • Offers additional Decoder Packages and Machine Vision Toolsets, allowing for expanded functionality to meet specific operational needs.
  • Features flexible connectivity options, including Single or Dual Ethernet for network connections, Power over Ethernet (PoE) for efficient power supply, USB-C for modern connectivity, and a 5-pin connector for External Light Power & Control/GPIO.
  • Also a 12-pin port for Power/GPIO/RS-232, ensuring versatility in integration and operation.

Datalogic Matrix 320

  • Offers models with 2MP and 5MP resolutions for capturing clear, detailed images.
  • Also equipped with high-performing C-Mount lenses and smart illuminators, ensuring wide application coverage and depth of field.
  • Includes built-in Time of Flight and orientation sensors to optimize scanning performance and throughput.
  • Available with Liquid Lens technology for electronic focus adjustment, allowing for easy adaptation to different operational needs.

Showcasing the Datalogic Matrix 320 Series

In the ever-evolving retail sector, the checkout process is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Eutronix is at the forefront, enhancing this key interaction with advanced RFID technology. A standout example of this innovation is the introduction of RFID-enabled bins at self-service kiosks, which revolutionizes the checkout experience. These bins allow for instant scanning of multiple items simultaneously, drastically reducing checkout times and enhancing the customer experience. Unlike traditional barcode scanning, this hands-free solution requires minimal effort from customers and staff, streamlining operations and redefining convenience. By integrating RFID technology into your retail operations, Eutronix will help you unlock new levels of efficiency and customer service, ensuring your business stays ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

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At Eutronix, we do more than just provide hardware. We offer a complete package of services to make sure you get the best tools for your needs and support at every step.

Here’s what makes us stand out from your usual supplier:

Help with Choosing and Making It Your Own

We know every business is different, so we talk with you to figure out the best hardware solutions for what you do. Our team is great at tailoring these solutions to meet your specific goals, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Learning and Ongoing Help

We help your staff get to know the new hardware with training sessions, making sure you get the most out of your investment. Our support keeps going even after you’ve bought from us, ready to help with any questions or problems to keep things running smoothly.

Setting Up and Fitting In

Introducing new technology can seem tough, but we’ve got you covered at Eutronix. Indeed, we make sure everything is set up smoothly and fits well with your current systems. Our goal is to make the changeover as easy as possible for you, with little to no interruption to your work.

Keeping Things Up-to-Date

As technology and your needs change, Eutronix is here to help with regular maintenance and updates. This means your hardware stays up-to-date, supporting your work now and in the future. With us, you’re investing in a solution that lasts.

In Summary

Choosing Eutronix means you’re getting more than just hardware. You’re teaming up with a partner that cares about making your work easier and more efficient. From start to finish and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way.

Now that you’ve seen our innovative solutions and impressive services, it’s time to step into the future of efficient and ergonomic operations with Eutronix. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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