FlexRange – A Full Scanning Range In One Terminal

✅ Discover how FlexRange scanners are revolutionising the logistics and warehouse management industry. From unrivalled flexibility to accurate data collection, learn how these advanced technologies improve efficiency and optimise operational processes.

Optimize your supply chain process with the Innovative E-Paper Tag Solution

Imagine a world where the need for traditional label printing in the supply chain is minimized, yet the capabilities for product identification and traceability are enhanced to unprecedented levels. This vision is not just a pipe dream but a burgeoning reality. Let’s explore together how minimizing label printing while…




We are a dynamic company specializing in hardware solutions and electronic automation equipment. We operate in sectors as diverse as transport and logistics, retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure, security and industry.


Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our partners, which is why we also offer services that perfectly complement our product offering.





For 20 years, Eutronix has succeeded in offering you a range of products and solutions adapted to the trends and requirements of your sector. Because we are so close to the sector, we can support you in the realization of your most complex projects. By investing in our solutions you are guaranteed to get a quality product with optimal service.

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Our range of services is a real asset to your company. From hardware repairs to ICT park management, support is provided by trained and certified technicians working closely with the best brands. This way we guarantee our customers better coordination and time savings.

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