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SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution. It protects and manages Apple, iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Eutronix is a specialist partner of SOTI MobiControl in Europe for 13 years. We therefore provides great added value in implementing SOTI in your business environment.

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Users and devices are always up to date

Remote support features for remotely managing mobile devices (remote viewing and managing, file synchronization, 2-way chat) to recognize and resolve issues adequately.


Kiosk Mode to allow the user to access only the necessary applications with the purpose of allowing the device and the employee to run safely and productively.


Configure the connection (3G / 4G, WiFi & VPN) automatically to ensure that the user is always able to communicate securely from anywhere.

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Content and application management

SOTI MobiControl provides users with a complete set of mobile content and application management tools.


SOTI-hub is a secure content management application that makes it easy for companies to control and manage important files and documents.


SOTI surf is a secure mobile browser with configurable features and security settings that offer each company unique support.


Installation over-the-air, configuration, updates, and removal of applications from your corporate or public App Store.


Deployment and roll out

Easy rollout by setting your business settings in advance and then simply rolling it out on all devices.


Accelerated roll-out by using the Barcode scanner or NFC in the device to scan your pre-assembled settings and automatically configure the device.


Devices directly provided with profiles (configuration sets) and packages (application sets).

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