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Meet The Supplier: TSC Printronix Auto-ID Printing Solutions

Meet TSC Printronix Auto-ID: a wide range of barcode label printing solutions with one of the biggest hardware product portfolios in the industry.

Meet The Supplier: TSC Printronix Auto-ID Printing Solutions

TSC Printronix Auto-ID offers a wide range of barcode label printing solutions with one of the biggest hardware product portfolios in the industry. Customers choose TSC Printronix Auto-ID for their dependable, high-quality products, excellent value for money, and local support.

Target Sectors

Discover the TSC Printronix Auto-ID printer range by sector:

Receipt Printers

From storing goods to delivering them directly to stores, allowing customers to collect their orders outside, and making it quicker to complete sales, mobile receipt printers will not only allow you to produce your receipts as you go, but enhance your customer service as a whole.

The ability to print receipts on a mobile printer offers considerable advantages such as improved accuracy of inventory records, increased efficiency, asset tracking and heightened customer satisfaction.

Alpha Series 3-Inch

These compact and affordable printers boost efficiency with on-the-go printing when you need immediate receipts. Read more >

Label Printers

TSC label printers are recognised for their excellent quality and good prices. TSC provides a great selection of printers to suit various needs, from sturdy portable, cost-effective desktop, to top-performing industrial printers. These machines can handle different label varieties and formats to meet your company’s printing requirements.

DA Series

The DA series desktop printers are a great combination of affordability with a sturdy and dependable design. The DA series provides a choice of either 203 or 300 dpi print resolution with printing speeds of up to 6 ips. The sizable 60-watt power supply also generates excellent printed labels, even at high print speeds.

MB Series

These thermal label printers are affordable options for printing labels in light industrial settings. For example, they provide users with a versatile design, a user-friendly interface, and an extensive range of options to cater to almost every printing need.

MH Series

This series presents top-end industrial barcode label printers that incorporate high-grade printhead technology, a swift processor, and ample memory to produce superior quality labels at the highest speeds.

TX Series

These high performance desktop printers are available in six models with 203, 300 and 600 dpi print resolutions in order to suit a wide range of printing applications. Read more >

Mobile Label Printers

Mobile label printers are an integral part of the workflow in many industries, especially where fast and accurate on-demand printing is required in multiple locations.

Alpha Series 4-Inch

The Alpha-40L portable direct thermal label printer offers robust design and reliable performance. Accessories such as a linerless printing option save time, money and resources.

Wristband Printers
TDP Series

With its compact design and powerful engine, this printer ideal for healthcare, retail and asset tagging labelling applications.

  • Easy-to-scan and durable design for a seamless end-user experience
  • Constructed from strong, latex-free, non-irritating material
  • Resistant to abrasion, alcohol and mild detergents
  • Tamper evident adhesive closure
  • Economical, durable and waterproof
  • Flat print area ensures easy scanning
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Customisable format to optimise the information on your wristbands
  • Available in full colour
  • Holds text, linear barcodes, 2D barcodes, photos and graphics
RFID Solutions

Printronix Auto ID RFID printers have been improved with high-speed encoding, high-memory encoding, and RFID upgrade kits. Not only are the printers user-friendly and easy to calibrate, they also provide powerful functions that consist of 4-inch and 6-inch print widths. In addition, they are able to print on standard RFID labels and metal tags, and produce small labels with a resolution of up to 600 dpi.

The T6000e Makes it Possible to Print & Encode RFID Labels

Read more >

Linerless Printers

Linerless printing allows you to print different label formats using a single printer and roll type.

The 4 key benefits of linerless labels are:

Faster processing: Linerless labels increase the speed of operations while maintaining quality. There is no extra step for the printer or operator to remove and discard the liner.

Reduced waste: By eliminating the peel-off liner, linerless labels reduce waste, making them a greener option that is better for the environment.

Reduced freight and storage space: By eliminating the label liner, users benefit from more linerless labels per roll compared to a traditional roll of labels with a liner.

Improved safety: lastly, by reducing waste with linerless labels, there is less clutter to interfere with production, which in turn increases safety and therefore improves compliance with safety standards.

TSC have several mobile and desktop printers that come equipped with linerless label printing capability.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

TSC Printronix Auto-ID is committed to doing as much as possible and creating greater common interests for all stakeholders. TSC Printronix Auto-ID therefore continues to work towards the goal of developing a sustainable environment, implementing public welfare and promoting corporate governance. Read more here >

Did you know?

We are proud to share that in October 2022, Eutronix was awarded the Bronze EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating certification!

The EcoVadis assessment allows us as a company to see what we’re already doing well and how we could improve our sustainability efforts. Sustainability is more than just recycling, Eutronix is committed to becoming a more ethical, data protection driven, greener and cleaner company!

We hope to achieve an even better score next year!

  1. Will RFID affect battery life?

    Battery life is minimally affected.

  2. When do I need to clean my linerless printer?

    After you have printed 1 km of media or whenever there is any glue residue or dust on the media path. Use the Linerless Cleaning Kit to clean the following parts: cutter blade (for linerless cutter kit option), print head, linerless platen roller, media path and media sensors.

  3. Are TSC labels waterproof?

    Yes, TSC supports waterproof labels.

  4. Can I change the printhead directly?

    For all available resolutions listed below, the printheads are interchangeable and the printer can automatically detect the printhead change.
    4-inch model: 203, 300 and 600 dpi
    6-inch model: 203 and 300 dpi

  5. Can I use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi at the same time?

    The Wi-Fi enabled printer can be configured to use either Ethernet or Wi-Fi, but not both simultaneously. If an Ethernet cable is plugged in and connected to a host system, the Ethernet interface is active. In all other cases, Wi-Fi is active.

  6. Where can I purchase a TSC Printronix Auto-ID printer?

    You can contact Eutronix for all TSC Printronix Auto-ID purchases in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

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