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The T6000e Makes it Possible to Print & Encode RFID Labels

The TSC Printronix Auto ID T6000e industrial printer allows you to print and encode RFID labels and perform barcode verification at the same time.

The TSC Printronix Auto ID T6000e industrial printer allows you to print and encode RFID labels and perform barcode verification at the same time. On the updated T6000e, one printer can now do the work of multiple devices to create a new level of productivity and cost savings. 

The T6000e is ideally suited for applications in:
🧑‍🔧 Transport & Logistics | 🏬 Healthcare | 🏭 Manufacturing

Key Features

✔️ The T6000e industrial printer allows for increased productivity in fast-paced environments where speed and exceptional printer quality are needed.

  • Color 3.5” LCD screen
  • High print speed of 14 ips
  • High volume printing up to 10,000 labels per day
  • USB, RS232, Ethernet (Optional: WiFi, Parallel, GPIO)
  • Compatible with SOTI Connect device management solution
  • 600 dpi for high-print quality labels (4″model only)
  • RFID feature prints and encodes on both standard labels and on-metal tags
  • Easy integration in all existing systems through nine printer languages and many configuration tools
  • Free PNE (PrintNet Enterprise) – Network Admin Software
  • Deployment made easy via CCM (Configuration card module)
  • Solid metal frame construction
  • Intelligent heat management system

The T6000e comes in 2 versions: 4″ & 6″

4″: 203dpi, 300dpi or 600dpi, max print width 4.1” (104mm)

6″: 203dpi or 300dpi, max print width 6.55” (166.4mm)

RFID Functionalities
  • Supports high-speed encoding and can encode high-memory chips using advanced commands
  • Also supports a wide variety of label types: standard smart labels, on-metal tags, thick Returnable Transport Item (RTI) labels, rigid horticultural tags, and more
  • Easy to generate reports that show barcode quality and information, RFID data, and combined statistics
  • The optical scanner on the printer finds, reads, and grades up to 50 barcodes per label. Each barcode is graded using ISO standards and given a letter and numeric score
  • Auto calibration for RFID labels

Integrated ODV-2D Barcode Verifier

  • Automatically finds and grades 1D and 2D barcodes
  • If the label is scanned and determined to be below the acceptable ISO standard / if it detects a faulty label, then the printer will automatically back up the label, overstrike the bad label and reprint a new label
  • Ensures all barcodes meet your barcode grading

Did you know?

Not only can you buy your hardware from Eutronix, we also offer different levels of service and support, depending on your needs.


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SOTI Connect

The T6000e is compatible with the SOTI Connect device management system, giving you real-time visibility and helping organise business activities more seamlessly and efficiently.

SOTI Connect is an IoT solution that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organization.

Eutronix is a SOTI partner and is able to assist with implementing SOTI Connect in any business environment.


Can I upgrade a standard (non-RFID) T6000e to RFID?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade the T6000e 4″ standard printer but with the internal antenna only and with limited backup and overstrike.

Is the T6000 and T6000e software the same?

The T6000e uses the same code base as the T6000 but the builds are different and are not backwards/forward compatible. If someone tries to load the wrong code into either T6000 or T6000e the error will be detected, and process aborted.

What are the target applications for the T6000e?

The T6000e is ideal for various applications, such as:
1) Supply Chain and Logistics: carton/case/pallet labelling, cross-docking, shipping/receiving, pick and pack, asset tracking (RFID), barcode verification (ODV)
2) Manufacturing: product / item / totes / carton labelling, parts inventory tracking, asset management (RFID), barcode quality (ODV)
3) Retail: vendor supply chain inventory, apparel labelling / relabelling, shelf labels, retail item level tagging (RFID), compliance fine avoidance (ODV)
4) Healthcare: medical supply chain / product labelling, laboratories / nursing stations, medical supplies / asset tracking (RFID), barcode quality (ODV)
5) Food/Agriculture: produce case and pallet labelling, meat packing and carton labelling, barcode quality (ODV)

What RFID labels are supported on the T6000e?

The T6000e supports a wide range of standard UHF EPCglobal Gen2 RFID labels and On-Metal RFID tags.

What sets the T6000e apart from other brands of midrange industrial thermal barcode printers on the market?

1) Productivity and versatility  
2) Speed and exceptional print quality
3) Advanced features such as RFID

How can I buy the T6000e label printer?

To purchase the T6000e, contact Eutronix by completing the form below.

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