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Linerless Printing: Turn Your Classic Printer Into A Linerless Printer!

In the world of printing, there are different methods for meeting the specific needs of each user. Among these, linerless printing is an interesting option for those looking to reduce the cost and environmental impact of their printing process. In addition to its existing solutions, TSC is now offering a linerless kit for its MB240 printers – find out more today!

Linerless printing is an attractive option for those looking to reduce costs and the environmental impact of their printing process.

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What is linerless printing?

Linerless printing allows you to print different label formats using a single printer and a single type of roll. You can also use linerless for labels that are not to be used immediately.

What are the advantages of linerless printing?

Firstly, it significantly reduces costs, as it eliminates the need to use a different support for each label printed. This means you can save money on printing materials and reduce waste.

Secondly, linerless printing offers greater flexibility in terms of label size and shape. Indeed, you can create labels of any size and shape, without being limited by the size or shape of the support. This means you can adapt your labels to meet the specific needs of your partners.

Finally, linerless printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods. By limiting the number of media, you reduce the amount of waste generated by the printing process. So this helps you achieve your sustainability objectives and reduce your environmental impact.

TSC and its range of linerless solutions

Our manufacturer partner TSC already offers a fairly comprehensive range of printers that support linerless solutions, such as the Alpha-30L & 40L, TDM mobile printers, or the DA desktop printers.

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🆕 NEW: linerless kit🆕

Our partner TSC now offers a linerless kit that transforms its classic MB Series printer into one capable of accommodating linerless label rolls.

BarTender label printing software

To accompany your linerless label printer, remember to invest in stable, high-performance printing software!

From the simplest to the most comprehensive, our partner BarTender offers solutions to suit every need.

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Frequently asked questions about linerless printing

  1. What are linerless labels?

    Linerless labels are continuous labels that do not have a silicone backing. They have a non-stick coating that allows the label to peel off, separating the adhesive from the labels on the roll.

  2. Why choose linerless printing?

    Linerless printing offers great flexibility for printing different label sizes.There’s no need to remove the siliconised backing, so the workplace is cleaner.Rolls need to be changed less frequently, as approximately 50% more labels are printed.There is a significant reduction in waste.Linerless printing is more environmentally friendly.

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