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Eutronix Smartphones for Healthcare

Healthcare hardware bij Eutronix. Urovo, Unitech, Point Mobile

🏆 Discover the latest developments in the Eutronix healthcare range. What crucial requirements are there for smartphones in healthcare? And which value added accessories and MDM software can make your care processes more efficient?

Eutronix is ​​happy to help you select the right hardware for your specific application. From Smartphones, Printers to device independent Mobile Device Management solutions. See below the important requirements within the healthcare market and which products fit in seamlessly.

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Important features
alarmbuttons voor de zorg smartphone
Alarm button

An alarm button on a healthcare smartphone plays a crucial role in personal alarm systems, enabling users to quickly call for help from nurses, security personnel, the control room or the emergency center in critical situations. This alarm button provides a direct and easy way for care recipients to communicate their need for help or medical assistance.


In an emergency, patients or those in need of care can immediately alert the right responders with a simple push of a button, reducing reaction time and increasing safety. In addition, the alarm button offers peace of mind to both the user and caregivers, knowing that there is always a direct connection to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations.

With an alarm button on a healthcare smartphone, personal alarms are simplified, which significantly improves the care and safety of vulnerable people.

Excellent WiFi and (private) LTE performance

Stability, speed, security. Good WiFi / LTE performance is a must for healthcare applications. With a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection, healthcare professionals can quickly access crucial medical information, electronic patient records and other relevant data. This improves efficiency and ensures that important information is readily available, improving the quality of patient care. In addition, a good internet connection on smartphones enables real-time communication and collaboration between care teams. Continuous connectivity also ensures optimal security for the caregiver, so that crucial alarms can be received at all times on the device used.

Optimale WiFi zorg

accessoires voor de zorg smartphone
‘Value added’ accessories for healthcare

The right accessories for your smartphone can play an important role in the healthcare sector, where efficiency and mobility are essential. Multidocks provide a convenient solution to charge up to 4 or 12 devices simultaneously, enabling caregivers to efficiently manage multiple devices and always be ready for use.

These charging stations reduce the time it takes to charge devices and provide an organized and secure storage place. These Multidocks are also suitable for wall mounting.

In addition, custom leather holsters can provide protection for mobile devices, such as smartphones, while remaining easily accessible. These custom holsters not only provide protection against bumps and drops, but can also be adapted to the specific needs of healthcare professionals, such as carrying additional accessories.

In addition, a belt clip functionality provides the ability to carry the device with you at all times, giving caregivers quick access to critical information and communication tools without having to hold the device in their hands.

Certainty for the future

With a guaranteed product availability of 4-5 years, Eutronix ensures that your investment in hardware is long-term and sustainable. In addition, Eutronix offers extensive technical support and service contracts are available to provide full coverage for your hardware. With these contracts you are protected against any accidental damage to the device, and the device is quickly repaired and returned. This minimizes downtime and gets you up and running quickly. In addition, Eutronix smartphones offer excellent value for money, giving you value for money. With certainty for the future, technical support and service contracts, Eutronix ensures that your healthcare organization can rely on reliable and high-quality devices, allowing you to focus on providing the best possible care to patients!

healthcare smartphone 5 year availability

Did you know?

Eutronix is ​​also a supplier of MDM? And that these MDM solutions are also very suitable for devices outside the Eutronix range? Eutronix solutions, such as SOTI MobiControl and 42Gears SureMDM, are device independent, so you can also use them on consumer smartphones such as Samsung.

SOTI MobiControl Unitech

Printing solutions for the healthcare sector

Data capture is generally the most commonly used patient data collection feature. In addition to mobility solutions, Eutronix also has a full range of healthcare printing solutions:

TSC TC Series

Printing patient labels


Printing bracelets

Tube automatic labeller

Eutronix is ​​here to advise you on the best solution for your specific healthcare application.

Discover the best solution for your specific application now.

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