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SOTI : Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Get to know SOTI’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Please contact your account manager for more information. Customized advice possible in combination with very favorable prices for our partners and always the possibility to test various tools for free!

SOTI MobiControl / XSight / Connect

SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution for securing and managing your Android, Windows or iOS hardware devices. Eutronix has been a specialized partner of SOTI MobiControl in the Benelux for 13 years and therefore offers absolute added value for implementation in your business environment.

⚡ Optimally secure and manage your hardware devices ⚡

✔ Knowledge

💡 Tailored advice

📞 Dutch, French or English support

📝 Favorable prices for partners

Your employees and devices – always up-to-date!

Remote support functionalities for the remote management of mobile devices (remote viewing and management, file synchronization, 2-way chat) to recognize and adequately solve problems.

Kiosk Mode to give the user access only to the necessary applications with the aim of allowing the device and the employee to operate safely and productively.

Configure the connection (3G / 4G, WiFi and VPN) automatically to ensure that the user is always able to communicate securely from anywhere.

Content and Application Management

SOTI-hub is a secure content management application that makes it easy for businesses to monitor and manage important files and documents.

SOTI Surf is a secure mobile browser with configurable features and security settings that provide unique support to each business.

Installation “over the air”: configuration, updates and removal of applications from your corporate or public App Store.

Deployment and roll-out

Easy rollout by determining your company settings in advance and then easily rolling them out on all devices.

Accelerated rollout by scanning your pre-compiled settings via the Barcode scanner or NFC in the device and automatically configure the device.

Furthermore, devices are directly provided with profiles (configuration sets) and packages (application sets).

Why SOTI ?

🆕 New: SOTI XSight ✔

When devices in the field fail, SOTI XSight gets them up and running quickly and on the first call.

In fact, SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl and enables fast resolution of problems with apps and mobile devices.

By leveraging advanced diagnostics and analytics, IT administrators can improve performance and lower operating costs for mission-critical mobile operations.

✔ The diagnostic tool for analyzing and reporting all statistics related to location, battery, applications, data and more.

A complete analysis with report for battery usage:

Predict battery failure before it happens and reduce downtime for all devices in the field.

Analyze key statistics such as:

Battery status and discharge rate

Battery temperature

Charge cycles

Which apps are draining the battery

A complete analysis with report for application/data usage:

Monitor the application and data usage of all devices in the field.

Identify the last known location for missing devices.

Analyze key statistics such as:

Most used apps

How much time is spent per application

Remove unused apps remotely

Which apps use a lot of data?

Identify areas of poor signal strength

Identify performance issues related to signal coverage

🆕 New: SOTI Connect ✔

SOTI Connect is an IoT solution that provides complete lifecycle management of IoT devices within an organization.

A flexible, data-driven architecture allows devices to be quickly supported and managed, reducing implementation time for IoT initiatives.

Connect all smart devices such as printers, sensors, wearables, vehicles, and drones to your MobiControl environment.

Manage all IoT equipment from one overview for comprehensive analysis & remote firmware updates.

Take full control of your IoT >> Discover SOTI Connect

Curious about the possibilities for your application?

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