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Custom Projects: Full Development of Brand New Solutions & Personalization Services

Customisatie & Personalisatie door Eutronix

Eutronix will once again be working on various custom projects in 2022.  Curious about the possibilites for your application?

Eutronix will once again be working on various custom projects in 2022.

We offer:

  • The complete development of a brand new solutions from A to Z.
  • Product adaptions for various solutions and the personalization of your hardware in the right colors, with logo and/or unique OS/firmware version.
  • The complete design and support of your self-hosted MDM server.
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Full development of a new custom product:
Paceblade MDT860 Customization

8” Robust Tablet PC (fixed or mobile) for the transport sector (public transport) and with required certifications.

Special cradle with magnetic lock and fixed cabling incl. various connectors which can be neatly hidden behind the dashboard.

Kiosk solution developed from A to Z by Eutronix for various large supermarket chains.

Large 55” display for promotional purposes, 32” display with touchscreen for customer interaction, integrated receipt printer with a total diameter of 850 meters of paper and an integrated barcode scanner.

Kiosk met grote schermen, printer en scanner voor supermarkt

A robust Android Smartphone with a special Bike Mount Cradle for magnetically ‘locking’ the Smartphone to a bicycle/motorcycle.

The smart magnetic lock cradle ensures fast, safe and accurate placement and also disconnection of the smartphone from the cradle.

Special wristband printer for the healthcare sector with integrated EID card reader.

The printer can only print after you have successfully registered with the EID card.

Polsband printer met EID kaart lezer

Adaptation of existing hardware solutions and accessories:

Ultra rugged PDA for use on ships where the devices comes into contact with salt water (corrosion).

Rugged protective layer over the pogo pin connectors to prevent water dagame.

Extra recess on the Desk Cradle so that the custom device fits perfectly in the cradle and can be charged in a rugged & fast way.

Adding a headset connector where the barcode reader was originally located.

Own Android OS environment for a higher security level.

Possibility to add your own logo on the housing and battery of the device.

You can place your logo on custom leather holsters which specifically developed for your device.

Easy to attach with a carrying loop or clip to, for example, a belt.

Staging - Printers

Installation of various options such as a peel-off, cutter and specific firmware versions.

Validation of printing parameters in combination with supplies for label printers.

Mounting of ”scan after print” solution.

Various signaling products such as sounders and strobes which can be painted by Eutronix according to your wishes.

Curious about the possibilities for your application?

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