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Point Mobile PM75: Rugged Mobile Device

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Discover the Point Mobile PM75: Wi-Fi 6 ready and maintains a light and ergonomic body with a 5.45 inch screen, running on the latest Android 11 operating system. It is extremely rugged and survives drops from 1.5m to concrete (MIL-STD-810G) and is IP-65 certified.

🆕 Point Mobile PM75 – Rugged Mobile Device, streamlined for Enterprise Mobility

🚛 Transport & logistics | 👨‍🔧 Field Service | 🛒 Retail
🏬 Warehousing | 🎫 Leisure | 🍔 Hospitality

Point Mobile PM75 - Ruggedness

Point Mobile PM75 - EmKit

Why Point Mobile PM75 ?

  • Competitively priced

  • Full support from Eutronix

  • In stock at Eutronix – fast delivery !

  • Fast, Powerful and Rugged: PM75 is cut out for these three ideals, while maintaining a light and ergonomic body.
    • The Android devices provides a powerful scan engine
    • Comfortable grip
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Seven-long years of update support

      all of which are the essentials components for building a great and versatile rugged mobile computer.

PM75 at a glance – Key Specs

  • Android 11 – upgradable in future

  • Android Enterprise Recommended

  • 5.45 inch display

  • 2.0 GHz Qualcomm Octa Core CPU

  • 3 GB RAM / 32GB ROM

  • Wi-Fi 6 Ready

  • N3603 or N6603 Honeywell Scan Engine

  • IP65 & 1.5m droptest

  • 2.900 or 5.800mAh battery

Point Mobile PM75 - Android 11

Android 11

  • The latest Android OS 11 offers the best user experience and one of the highest levels of security in any mobile device. Android 11 brings efficient battery management, multiple bluetooth connections, and an intuitive and functional user interface.

  • PM75 is CTS & GMS certified to support all official APIs and an Android Enterprise Recommended device. It is also upgradable to a newer OS version in the future.

Wi-Fi 6 Ready

  • PM75 supports Wi-Fi 6 Ready connection, the next generation of Wi-FI.

  • Wi-Fi 6 transfers data faster and connects multiple devices without almost any speed loss and is more secure compared to previous generations of Wi-Fi.
Point Mobile PM75 - WiFi 6 ready

Point Mobile PM75 - Rugged

Rugged & Ergonomic design

  • Built to last, PM75 withstands rough handling well in harsh working conditions.

  • It has gone through multiple tests against 1.5 meter drops to concrete and had an IP65 water/dust resistance.

  • The Corning Gorilla Glass proctects the display from scratches and other daily impacts.

Bright 5.45 inch screen

  • The 720x 1440 pixels 5.45 inch HD+ display of PM75 offers better visibility and touch control experience. To maximize the visibility and use of the screen, user can use gesture navigation for smoother operation, deactiviating traidional Android navigation buttons.
Point Mobile PM75 - 5.45 inch display

Frequently asked questions

Point Mobile PM75 Pistol Grip
  • Can I upgrade the PM75’s storage by myself?
    • Yes. PM75 supports Micro SD cards up to 512GB and you can easily upgrade by yourself. The SD Card Slot is located under the battery.
  • Why should I choose mobile computer over regular smartphones?
    • On many occasions, mobile computers are better suited in business settings. They usually come with high-end scan engines that are incomparably more powerful at reading 1D/2D barcodes in terms of speed, accuracy, and reading distance than regular smartphone cameras. End users usebarcode solutions to sort out warehouse items, track the whole workflow or maintain the whole manufacturing facilities digitally. Rugged mobile computers also last much longer without breaking and are easier to use in harsh working environments. Point Mobile provides up to 7 years of security patches for its Android devices, significantly prolonging the lifetime of the devices and reducing the cost in a long term.
  • Are physical keys programmable?
    • Yes, you can designate physical buttons (except the power button) for specific use via the EmKit, which is free of charge and pre-installed.
  • Are there any accessories of other PM devices that can be used for PM75?
    • If you already own PM85 or PM90, you can use their batteries for PM75, both standard and extended versions. Stylus and handstraps are interchangeable as well.
  • Will my old applications from old Android devices still run on PM75?
    • Yes, Point Mobile developed all new Android versions in a way that preserves compatibility with applications in earlier versions. If your business has been deploying Android devices with an older OS, you should be able to migrate all the applications to PM75 (Android 11) without any disruption in the workflow.

Did you know ?

  • Point Mobile has an authorized service center in the Netherlands, which is located next to the office of Eutronix?

  • QMOSS works closely together with Eutronix as business alliance partner and can offer local repairs with a quick turnaround time.

  • Furthermore, QMOSS can offer extended warranty via comprehensive premium service contracts. These contracts covers all accidental damage, caused by the user to the device.

QMOSS Authorized Point Mobile Service center

Summary – Why PM75 ?

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