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Emergency Voice Communication System: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest

Emergency Voice Communication System

There are at least 5 good reasons to invest in an Emergency Voice Communication System. Discover them here!

What is an Emergency Voice Communication System?

An Emergency Voice Communication System allows two-way communication between people trapped on different floors of a building and emergency services. It is mainly intended for use in an emergency to facilitate the evacuation of people, especially vulnerable people, in:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Car parks,
  • Establishments open to the public,
  • Nuclear sites,
  • Airports,

Why should you equip your building?

There are at least 5 good reasons to do so…

1. Save lives

“Has everyone evacuated the building?” – no doubt a question we’d like to no longer have to ask ourselves. A fire can strike anytime, anywhere, potentially leaving people stranded in a perilous situation. Equipping your building with an Emergency Voice Communication System will help you protect the lives of occupants and leave no one behind during an evacuation.

2. Respect the law

Buildings are required by law to comply with fire safety regulations. Building managers are required to assess the risks and consider all means of escape, incorporating alternative arrangements to safely evacuate a vulnerable person. Some countries also have building evacuation standards, for example British Standard BS5839-9. In France, this solution also complies with article GH50 on the regulation of high-rise buildings.

3. Communicate

During an evacuation, clear and effective communication helps save lives. Two-way voice communication not only allows stranded people to communicate with the rescuers, but also emergency services to reassure and give instructions to those who are waiting.

4. Simple installation

Modern voice intercom systems connect very easily to emergency alarms already installed in buildings. Zero-hassle.

5. Tranquility has no price

Whether it’s a small commercial building or a mid-sized residential building, Emergency Voice Communication Systems are available to everyone and represent a responsible investment for everyone’s safety.

VoCALL16, Eaton’s proven Emergency Voice Communication System

Among the solutions available on the market, Eaton’s VoCALL 16 stands out for its high technical characteristics, its addressable technology and its efficiency.

Thanks to its digital audio communication, it presents itself as an ideal solution for small and medium-sized buildings. In addition, let it be said, Eaton’s experience and know-how in terms of safety are well established!

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