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PaceBlade Completes Its Product Line With A Multifunctional 10-inch Tablet: LDT-101

Discover the Paceblade LDT-101 ➡️ Ergonomic design and versatile use with a universal cradle, Android 11 OS and large 10-inch display.

Paceblade is known for its successful product line adapted to the Transport & Logistics industry. The LDT-101, a 10-inch robust Android Tablet, completes the existing product line comprising of a 5.7-inch Handheld, a 7-inch Tablet and an 8-inch Tablet.

The Paceblade LDT-101 is ideal for the following sectors:
🚌 Transport | 🧑‍🔧 Field Service | 🏬 Warehousing | 🏭 Industry/Manufacturing

Paceblade offers more of the same: a complete kit (hardware + accessories + software) at a very competitive price

Paceblade products are known for being fully equipped with the right connectors, accessories and additional software tools so that you can get started with the tablet immediately.

✔️ Discover the benefits for yourself:

A complete box with
  • Tablet

  • Cradle

  • RAM Mount for installation/mounting

  • Various charging cables (for charging via USB connection or in a vehicle)

  • Kensington lock for ‘locking’ the hardware in the cradle

The Cradle of the Paceblade LDT-101 has various ports and functions
  • RJ45 Ethernet port

  • 2x USB A port

  • 1x USB C port

  • Kensington lock with quick release button ➡️ for locking the Tablet in the cradle

Special rotating hand strap for more grip in the hand

This special handstrap has a fold-out tripod, so you can easily place the tablet anywhere during mobile use.

The ergonomic cradle allows you to use the tablet in combination with the hand strap. This means you never have to disconnect the handstrap from the tablet before you place it in the cradle.

Unique benefits for Paceblade users
  • Standard with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Includes free Paceblade MDM license for remote management of your device(s).

  • Optionally expandable with a full comprehensive warranty contract covering all accidental damage to the device.

  • All this for a very competitive price!

Multifunctional ergonomic cradle for use as both desktop and vehicle cradle

Includes the right cabling for use in a vehicle or on a desk.

Easy to mount the fixed vehicle charging cable behind the dashboard

The standard ‘extension cable‘ with 10 extra meters extension wiring allows you to charge in the vehicle

The cradle has a spare battery bay in desktop mode. This means you can always charge an extra battery, even at the same time as the device.

The new LDT-101 from Paceblade can also be used for various scanning applications. Indeed, the LDT-101 can be equipped with an optional SE4107 Barcode Scanner add-on module on the back of the Tablet. Once you have purchased the Tablet, you can even decide to order a separate module and assemble it yourself later!

Paceblade enjoys thinking along with you – everything is possible

The Paceblade LDT-101 has been developed with room for special requests and wishes from our partners. For example, on the back of the tablet there is room for 2 add-on modules. For custom projects, we can request to develop add-on modules to optimally assist our partners in their processes. UHF RFID module, Fingerprint Scan module, Long Range Scanner module, Smart Card reader, Magnetic Stripe reader, 3D Camera… the options are endless!

With Paceblade, anything is possible.

A modern ‘future proof’ solution
  • Android 11

    • Guarantee on at least 1 OS upgrade (Android 11 to 12/13)

    • Choice of GMS or non-GMS version (Google Mobile Services – including the Play Store)

  • A guaranteed product availability of at least 3-5 years

  • Unique: Built-in ‘Dialer’ makes it possible to make calls with this 10-inch Tablet!

  • High capacity (and removable) 7600mAh battery ➡️ You can use the Paceblade Tablet for a full work shift without having to worry about battery failure

  • MT6765 2.0 GHz Octa Core processor in combination with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM (expandable via sd up to 512GB)

  • Big 10 inch 1920 x 1200 WUXGA screen ➡️ Better than average monitor display!

  • 1 configuration: connected anytime, anywhere via 4G, Bluetooth and GPS

  • Ultra robust: IP67 rating with a drop test of 1.2 meters

Ultra robust: IP67 rating with a drop test of 1.2 meters

Paceblade is also known for its proven performance in public transport. For custom projects, the Paceblade Tablets have been rolled out in various vehicles such as buses and trams. The new LDT-101 Tablet, like its little brother (MDT-860), has the necessary E-Mark certifications for public transport. This includes UN ECE R.10.06 for vibration and shock resistance, but also R118 where the cabling in vehicles must be ‘fixed’ and fireproof.

Eutronix is here to advise you with the best solution for your application.

Discover the competitive prices of Paceblade for yourself.

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