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An Introduction to Safety in Industrial Automation

Pfannenberg, industry leading audible and visual signalling devices for industrial applications and harsh environments

Investing in the Right Audible & Visual Signalling Device

Fact:  Automation has a deep impact on industries. 

However, one topic that is not always in mind is the effect of industrial automation on health and safety in the workplace. 

Being Safe Means Different Things to Different People

Improvements in process automation have led to significant advances in workplace safety. However, it is impossible to 100% guarantee worker safety in industries and manufacturing facilities. Replacing manually driven forklifts with autonomous robots, for example, helps reduce accident rates. Nevertheless, preventing workplace hazards caused by flammable gases or combustible liquids is another problem…

Over the years, workplace safety has become a priority. Companies across industries are continuously implementing safety measures to protect their workers and physical assets. But being safe means different things to different people – so how can we make sure companies are meeting the same requirements?

Thanks to the Industry Standards

Luckily, companies today can rely on a well-developed framework of safety norms and industry standards for their various industrial processes. These standards provide them with many ways to run their operations with the highest possible degree of productivity and safety:

ISO 7731:2003

ISO 11428:1996




Among others, they aim to prevent workplace hazards caused by flammable gases, combustible dusts, liquid-produced vapors, ignitable fibers, etc. 

The Importance of Audible & Visual Signalling Devices

Audible and visual signalling devices are specifically designed for use in industrial environments, which are characterized by harsh conditions and are prone to risk of explosion because of the presence of hazardous materials. Devices are available in various forms (audible, visual or audible/visual combined). They are particularly relevant for companies operating in – inter alia – oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, energy, mining, transportation, water and wastewater treatment and shipbuilding. 

However, the basic purpose of a signalling device is to reach people who are in dangerous areas. Therefore, audible and visual signalling devices are only effective if they are genuinely adapted to the intended work environment. Ambient noise, sound travel and the location of workers vis à vis the device are only some of the factors that come into play when choosing a piece of equipment. 

Pfannenberg, industry leading audible and visual signalling devices for industrial applications and harsh environments

It stands out for its “made in Germany” quality, safety and robustness – as proven by numerous certificates that are recognized all over the world. 

The brand also offers different software modules (developed by Pfannenberg themselves) to determine the exact number and type of devices that are needed to cover the whole space and reach people – safety at its best!


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