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Android Enterprise: Eutronix Is Certified Partner Again!

Eutronix Android Enterprise Certified

Eutronix passes Android Enterprise Partner status renewal! With the Android Enterprise Partner status, Eutronix helps you to select the right hardware, but also with adding your devices in the Zero Touch portal for easy bulk deployment (up to hundreds of devices!)

🎖️ We have succesfully passed the renewal of the Android Enterprise program. This allows us to use unique Google services, such as Google Zero Touch Enrollment.

✔️ In addition to being a ‘certified partner’, we are also a ‘device reseller’. We have a product range that meets the high professional requirements of Google. These must be ‘future proof’ devices with a focus on high performance. An upgradable OS is also schedulend, so that you can perform updates on your device for years to come.

What is an Android Enterprise Partner?

An Android Enterprise Partner provides products and services that meet Google’s highest business requirements. Because the knowledge, advice and product portfolio are of an exceptionally high quality, we can only offer customers a ‘future-proof’ solution that you will enjoy for years to come. Being part of this program from Google also gives you access to a number of additional services that ensure that your devices can be securely managed and deployed quickly, even in large numbers.

Android Zero Touch Enrollment

Manually configure and roll out every device? It costs a lot of time. The Zero Touch Enrollment system offers the possibility to create configurations from one central management environment (Android portal) and also to push to multiple devices at the same time. A must-have feature if you want to roll out a large number of devices.

Zero Touch simply means: rolling out your devices and providing them with the correct settings, without physical interactions. If you do not wish to roll out the devices over a 4G connection, it is advisable to set up a connection manually via WiFi first. When the devices are connected to the internet, the devices will automatically check whether a configuration is available and it will be pushed directly to the device via the cloud.

To use Zero Touch Enrollment, it is recommended to register your devices in a Mobile Device Management environment. Eutronix has been a partner for many years of the renowned MDM solutions from 42Gears (SureMDM) and SOTI (Mobicontrol), with which Android Zero Touch works seamlessly together.

Point Mobile PM75 - Android 11
Why Android Zero Touch Enrollment in your organization?

Devices ready for use in no time
Increase the productivity and continuity of your organization
Don’t waste precious time by manually setting up and configuring each device
Available for any Android device with the latest OS
Support from your Android Certified Partner, Eutronix

As an Android Certified Partner, Eutronix offers hardware solutions that meet google’s high business criteria. These devices are also referred to as “Android Enterprise Recommended” (AER) devices.

Why is this program important to you ?
  • Because of the fact that Android is an open source operating system, an overwhelming range of mobile Android devices has come onto the market in recent years. The choice is endless and selecting the best solution for your application is more difficult than ever.
  • By selecting an Android Enterprise Recommended device, you have long-term security. These devices offer the possibility to upgrade at least 2 times to a higher Android OS version (example: from Android 10 >> 11 >> 12).
  • The guaranteed availability of the device is at least 5 years after the launch date. This allows you to easily expand with additional devices after a few years so that you do not have to select a new device for this.
  • Ensure security within your organization: A security update for your device every 90 days.
Android Enterprise Recommended

Eutronix is happy to help you with total advice for the best solution for your application.

Our colleagues have an Android Enterprise Associate or even Professional certification.

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