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Explore Mobility Services from Eutronix: Europe’s Hardware & Automation Expert

With a focus on hardware solutions and electronic automation, Eutronix emphasizes customer satisfaction, efficiency, respect, autonomy, and creativity. We offer comprehensive services including technical support, repairs, training, installation, and maintenance across various sectors such as healthcare, retail, and logistics. We also provide subscription-based support options, diverse financing solutions, and collaborates with top suppliers to deliver high-quality mobile solutions.

Eutronix is a leading European provider of mobility solutions, offering tailored services and products for customers in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

With a turnover of nearly €30 million and a team of over 40 people across Europe, Eutronix excels in hardware solutions and electronic automation. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service solidifies its leadership position.

Our Core Values

There are five core values that guide all of our activities:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Putting customer needs at the heart of everything we do.

  • Efficiency: Guaranteeing fast, effective solutions.

  • Respect: Treating each partner fairly and with consideration.

  • Autonomy: Encouraging initiative and independence.

  • Creativity: Encouraging innovation and new ideas.

Our Customized Mobility Services

Customized Services from Eutronix for Customer Peace of Mind

  • Technical Support: Assistance for PDAs, tablets and smartphones, including repairs, demonstrations, training and configuration.

  • Repairs: We take care of all warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, with prior quotation.

  • Training: Technical training sessions by appointment to help you get to grips with your equipment.

  • Installation and Maintenance: Help with installing, maintaining and diagnosing equipment.

Free Support For All Our Partners

Our Eutronix pre-sales project experts, Mathis Raposo Labarta, Tijs Van Der Borst and Ibrahim Hoxha, offer free support to all of our partners. This includes:

Advice from our expertsDemonstration equipmentTechnical assistanceRepairs under warrantyRepair follow-up

Our “À La Carte” Services

Our “à la carte” services include advanced technical support, installation, maintenance, diagnostics and training. Out-of-warranty repairs require a quotation, with charges if refused, unless a replacement is purchased.

Technical training by appointmentStaging and configuration assistanceOut-of-warranty repairs on quotation

Contracts & Subscriptions

We also offer subscription-based support options and repair contracts to ensure optimum coverage:

  • Manufacturer repair contract

  • Eutronix repair contract (Paceblade, Point Mobile, Unitech, Urovo)

  • Management contract for your mobile devices (MDM)

  • 24-hour swap/replacement contract

  • Project management

  • Product as a Service (PaaS) monthly subscription for a minimum of 3 years

  • “Swapscan” monthly subscription including an operational device, full repair, licence and MDM support, as well as replacement within 24 hours

Warranties: Explore Our Different Packages

Eutronix offers several warranty packages tailored to the needs of its customers:

Transport, Reconditioning & Financing

Eutronix offers a range of additional services to suit your needs:

Transport costs

Shipment at customer’s expense
Return at Eutronix’s expense
Original packaging required
Refurbished equipment

Possibility of purchasing or hiring
reconditioned equipment
Availability: please contact us
Financing and leasing

Numerous financing options
available (min €100K)
Check Dun & Bradstreet…

Diverse Sectors and Tailored Solutions

Eutronix is active in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, hotels, restaurants, retail, leisure, logistics and industry. The solutions offered include:

Barcode scannersMobile terminalsPrintersPOS / TPVDisplays and PCsEmbedded solutionsMobile device managementConsumables and accessoriesCustom hardware

Our Mobile Solutions Providers

For all its mobile solutions, Eutronix works with the following suppliers, among others:


With its personalised mobility services and dedicated teams of experts, Eutronix is committed to providing tailor-made services that meet the specific needs of its customers.

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