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Pfannenberg New Protect Series: Innovation Meets Robustness in Signaling Technology

Discover the Pfannenberg Protect Series, a groundbreaking advancement in industrial signaling solutions. Representing “Pfannenberg Range of Toughness & Excellent Coverage Technology,” this series sets new standards for durability with its virtually indestructible die-cast aluminum housing, ensuring reliability in the toughest industrial and outdoor conditions. As a trusted partner, Eutronix offers a wide range of signaling products and services tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Explore how our solutions enhance safety and performance in your operations.


The new Pfannenberg Protect Series represents a significant improvement in industrial signaling solutions. Standing for “Pfannenberg Range of Toughness & Excellent Coverage Technology,” the Protect Series sets a new standard for robustness. Indeed, its practically unbreakable die-cast aluminum housing ensures durability even in the most difficult industrial and outdoor conditions. As a reliable partner of Pfannenberg, Eutronix offers a comprehensive range of signaling products and services. For more information, explore Eutronix’s signaling products and Eutronix’s services.

Key Features

1. 🛡️ Excellent Robustness
The cast aluminum housing guarantees lasting use in tough applications. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, heavy vibrations, or corrosive environments, the Protect Series endures it all. You can rely on it for consistent performance. Moreover, regardless of the challenges faced, the Protect Series remains robust and dependable.

2. 🔊 Selectable Tone
Choose from 80 different tones to suit your specific requirements. Furthermore, three additional tones can be externally selected for greater flexibility.

3. 🔔 Pre- & Main Alarm
Preventing shock reactions is crucial in scenarios where safety is critical. The Protect Series achieves this with pre-alarms, thereby reducing sound pressure levels and minimizing sudden surprises.

4. 🔧 Safe & Easy Handling
Designed with a secured seal and screws, installation becomes significantly easier. Additionally, reduced wiring times mean faster setup and less downtime.

5. 👁️ Outstanding Perceptibility
The excellent radiation and sound penetration reduce the number of devices required for effective signaling.

6. 🔈Reducible Sound Pressure Level
Internally or externally selectable, the Protect Series allows you to reduce sound pressure levels by up to 30 dB, ensuring comfort without compromising safety.

7. 🚨 Two-Sense Alarming
Combined devices (audible/visual) provide barrier-free and safe signaling. Whether it’s a sounder or a sounder/light combination, the Protect Series covers all bases.

8. 🔌 Multi-Voltage Power Supply
Connect with different voltages without stocking various units. Versatility meets efficiency.

9. 🔒 High Safety Standard
The Protect Series fulfills ISO7731 requirements, ensuring reliability and compliance.

Discover The Versatility Of Our Safety Solutions
Fire Alarm Systems

PRO 10 (EN 54-3) Our PRO 10 sounder, certified under EN 54-3, is the perfect choice for industrial fire alarm systems. Moreover, with its high reliability and compliance with stringent safety standards, the PRO 10 ensures maximum protection in industrial settings.

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Machine Safety

PRO 10 | PRO X 10 | PRO L 10 Ensure the highest safety standards in your machine operations with our range of sounders and sounder/light combinations. Additionally, the PRO 10 sounder, along with the PRO X 10 and PRO L 10 models, offers superior performance. You can choose from Xenon or LED light options to enhance visibility and safety in critical environments.

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Functional Safety in Ex-Areas

PRO 10 3G/3D SIL Designed for the most challenging conditions, the PRO 10 3G/3D SIL sounder is certified for SIL 2/PL d, meeting rigorous functional safety requirements. Moreover, its explosion-proof design makes it ideal for use in hazardous areas classified as zone 2 (3G) and zone 22 (3D). Additionally, the integrated safety design and diagnostic channel ensure reliable operation in potentially explosive environments.

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Explosion-Proof and ATEX-Certified Devices

PRO 10 3G/3D | PRO L 10 3G/3D Our explosion-proof sounders, including the PRO 10 3G/3D and the PRO L 10 3G/3D sounder/light combination, are engineered for safety in hazardous zones 2 (3G) and 22 (3D). Furthermore, these devices comply with ATEX standards, ensuring dependable performance in environments with potential explosive risks.

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Functional Safety

PRO 10 SIL When safety is paramount, the PRO 10 SIL sounder is the go-to solution. Also certified for SIL 2/PL d, this sounder incorporates an advanced safety design and diagnostic channel, ensuring it meets the highest functional safety standards for critical applications.

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Marine Safety

PRO 10 (MED/MER) | PRO L 10 (MED/MER) Our marine-certified sounders, including the PRO 10 and PRO L 10 models, meet MED/MER standards, making them ideal for the marine industry. Moreover, these devices offer robust performance and reliability, ensuring safety on the seas.

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Embrace the highest standards of safety and reliability with our comprehensive range of sounders and sounder/light combinations. Additionally, each Pfannenberg industrial signaling solutions product is designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, ensuring optimal performance in every environment. Explore our solutions today to enhance safety and compliance in your operations.


In conclusion, the Pfannenberg Protect Series combines innovation, robustness, and adaptability. Whether you’re safeguarding machinery, responding to fire emergencies, or navigating marine environments, the Protect Series has you covered.

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