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Linerless printing: Eutronix has tested it just for you


Discover the main advantages of linerless printing and the solutions offered by Eutronix.

Eutronix has tested linerless printing just for you!

Linerless printing gives you the flexibility to print different label sizes on the same printer. This is also possible with a continuous label, for applications with labels that do not need to be used immediately.

What are linerless labels?

These are continuous labels that do not have a silicone backing with a release coating that allows the label to peel off and separate the adhesive from the labels on the roll.

Main advantages of linerless printing:

  • Flexibility for printing labels of different heights;
  • No need to remove the silicone substrate, therefore a cleaner workplace;
  • About 50% more labels on a roll, less frequent roll changes;
  • Reduction of waste and transport costs;
  • More ecological.
Linerless printing

Eutronix can offer you different linerless printing solutions for industrial printers, desktop, portable, POS printers…

We also provide you with consumables that have been tested and validated for linerless printing applications with the printer you select.

Do not hesitate to contact your account manager for advice.

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With Eutronix, you will always have a tailor-made solution, perfectly suited to your situation.

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