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Eutronix hardware solutions provider and CSR

Eutronix responsible company CSR

As an economic and European parter, our responsibility is important. Every step counts!

This is why, as a hardware solutions provider, we constantly optimize our processes around the three pillars of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We hereby respect our corporate values and our ethics:

😊 Customer satisfaction 👍 Efficiency 🙏🏻 Respect 💪 Autonomy 💡 Créativity

In the first place, the social aspect

One of the best indicators of this ethical policy is certainly the average seniority of our employees, which exceeds 9 years, as well as a very low absenteeim rate. We are also developing several projects to improve internal well-being:

✔️ Training and evaluation program
The greatest part of our employees are thus regularly trained or coached, face-to-face or remotely.

✔️ Compensation and benefits
Our employees also benefit from an extremely comprehensive salary package as well as an optimal work-life balance.

✔️ Equal opportunities
We offer an equal chance to each of our employees without any discussion, and do not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment.

Community engagment

Liekwise, since people have been at the center of our concerns for more than 20 years, it seems essential to us to participate in strong social actions:

✔️ Annual participation in the Make a Wish Easter Eggs action

✔️ Purchase of our greeting cards at Unicef

✔️ 404 page redirecting to missing children notices of search, an initiative of NotFound.org

Then, the economic aspect

✔️ Customer satisfaction
This is our first corporate value. We therefore do everything we can to support our customers on a long term period.

✔️ Optimizing the quality of our service
Our technical expertise in the automation sector is certainly one of our main assets to support our partners in their development.

✔️ Price stability
We are committed to maintain our prices as long as possible. Our partners are then able to efficiently plan their costs.

✔️ Optimal payment terms
Finally, we make it a point of honor to pay our suppliers on time, intelligently and responsibly.

And finally, the environment

As a hardware solutions provider, we invest heavily in medium and long term projects. Our goal is to ethically minimize our carbon footprint.

✔️ Durable hardware sale
It is designed to have the longest licecycle possible thanks to durable and ruggedized components. Those are also integrating the latest technologies.
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💡 Did you know ? The HID Ink1000 card printer uses inkjet technology and also allows printing on carton cards. No more plastic!

✔️ Repair of material
Our technical department will prioritize repair rather than recycling as much as possible.
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✔️ Recyling
Impossible to repair? So we entrust the scrapped material to Recupel and Bebat, recycling channels to which we are subscribed, and also take the contribution of our partners in charge.


✔️ Paperless policy
We are as digital as possible. If we have to use paper, we use recycled or FSC-labeled paper instead.

✔️ Energy production
The roof of our headquarters are equipped with 381 photovoltaic panels and batteries allow us to store excess electricity.

✔️ Mobility
Our fleet is in the process of transitioning to plug-in hybrid cars. We also encourage carpooling or other transport when possible. Finally, partial teleworking is gradually becoming the norm.

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