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Mounting Solutions For Your Mobile Devices

Eutronix mouting solutions

Discover our innovative mounting systems and docking solutions for mobile and handheld devices, tablets and/or Point of Sale apparatus.

Discover our innovative mounting systems and docking solutions!

We offer a range of mounting solutions for mobile and handheld devices, tablets, cameras, laptops and also other mobile and / or Point of Sale apparatus.

Our solutions apply to a range of sectors such as Healthcare, Warehousing, Public Transport, Transport & Logistics, Retail and Hospitality.

RAM Mounting Solutions

Make your equipment easy to see, reach and operate in or on any type of vehicle, forklift, bicycle, airplane, scooter or wall thanks to ergonomically designed RAM holders and mounting systems.

In addition, it is possible to fit all systems to the windshield or screw mount in various ways: suction mount on the dashboard, seat or ground, VESA plates, X-Grip, Tough Claw, and more.

    • Shockproof and vibration damping
    • Flexible mounting options
    • Adjustable to any viewing angle
    • Applicable on different substrates
    • Use of weatherproof materials
    • Lifetime warranty!
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Our entire range of SpacePole mounting systems is modular, ergonomically designed and features Multi Grip ™ and VESA plates.

The systems meet not only the recommended accessibility requirements for people with a disability, but also the latest PCI physical security requirements.

    • Especially designed for the retail and hospitality industries (POS).
    • Secure payment solutions can tilt, rotate and are highly accessible.


PosPole is a flexible, combinable system that can be used to mount hardware components in a compact and space-saving manner.

The parts are made from powder-coated sheet metal or stainless steel to ensure maximum durability.

PosPole is a constantly growing selection of single parts that can be combined to build the solution you need. It is also easy to upgrade.

    • Ideal for applications in Retail, Supermarkets, Hospitality & Logistics
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Personalize your mobile devices with a custom case!

Our solutions are user-friendly and specifically made to free the user from their hands.

Mounting solutions : what is useful to know?

All cases are entirely custom made for any of our mobile devices.

You can personalize them by adding your logo but also your client’s logo.

We provide custom cases regardless of the brand.

It is also possible to choose between different types of leather (eg white leather or black leather).

Finally, we offer a variety of clips and loops to carry your devices on a belt or on the shoulder.

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