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Urovo DT50s And DT50x: New PDAs For Retail And Hospitality

Urovo DT50Q

They deserve to be considered as a great hybrid mobile solution for retail stores, restaurants, entertainment applications or field service solutions. They combine the latest technologies as well as an intelligent NFC positioning, optimizing operations for mobile cashless payments.

Get started with mobile payments apps like MyPos Glass with our help.

The terminals apply to many sectors where cashless payments are needed, such as:

🛍️ Retail | 🍽️ Hospitality |🔧Field Service | 🎡Leisure

Why should shops and restaurants choose this hybrid mobile device?
Improved Efficiency

Book your orders directly in the system, reduced risk of error


No more order pads

Time Saving

No going back to the cash register, immediate payment

Why are Urovo DT50 models the best solution for your application?
  • Android 11, compatible through Android 13
  • Wide 5.7″ HD touch screen clear visibility and readability
  • NFC back and top position optimized to read bank cards
  • Ultra robust: IP67 & 1.5m drop resistance
  • Guaranteed product availability of at least 3 years
  • Ideal platform for contactless payment apps (e.g. My POS)
💡 Did you know? 💡

NFC technology allows any smartphone user to transform his mobile device into a payment terminal thanks to the download of a mobile payment application. We recommend to use a rugged mobile device for professional use instead of a consumer smartphone, although this is technically possible.

What are the main accessories available for Urovo DT50?

Frequently asked questions about our mobile order taking and mobile solution?
Does Urovo DT50 allow contactless payments?

Yes! It is possible to pay with contactless (payment cards, Google Pay or any wearable).

What is the coming OS upgrade plan?

Our solution will be upgradable to Android 12 (GMS) in H1 2023.

Does Eutronix also offer mobile receipt printers?

Yes, we have a wide range of mobile printers, and also mobile POS integrating a receipt printer.

Eutronix is here to advise you with the best solution for your application.

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