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The RK95 from Cipherlab Helps You Work Efficiently in Cold Environments

Cipherlab RK95

Discover the Cipherlab RK95: the terminal that allows you to work efficiently and optimize inventory management in cold environments.

The RK95 from Cipherlab: a great solution to work efficiently in cold environments!

You are likely to encounter certain difficulties when working in cold environments:

Frost and condensation cause oxidation of electronic components.

They also cause poor screen visibility.

Battery cycle times are reduced because they do not release energy.

The wireless connection is unstable.

The outer casing is not durable enough.

Barcode reading performance is inaccurate.

Choosing a portable terminal suitable for cold conditions like the RK95 is essential to work efficiently and optimize inventory management in refrigerated areas, freezers and loading docks. In addition, the device must be able to withstand temperature fluctuations. 

Why the Cipherlab RK95 ?

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  • Built-in heater prevents oxidation of electronic components in the device and thus improves its lifespan
  • Supplied with control software that allows heaters to be turned on/off automatically on user demand
  • Removable 5500 mAh “Hot Swap” battery ensuring a minimum of 5 hours of work in environments down to -30°C

Discover the RK95 >

  • Assembled with frost resistant materials to prevent potential damage
  • IP65 allowing both sealing and condensation ventilation
  • Rugged design and 1.5m drop protection
  • 2×2 MU-MIMO technology increases data capacity and transmission speed

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Want to know more about the RK95?

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