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Star TUP500 OEM: A Legacy Kiosk Printer No Longer Available

The Star TUP500 OEM, once a reliable kiosk printer, has been discontinued due to technological advancements.

The Star TUP500 OEM was once a reliable workhorse in the world of kiosk printing. Its robust performance, efficient paper handling, and high print speeds made it a popular choice for various applications. Unfortunately, as technology evolves, some products reach the end of their lifecycle. The Star TUP500 OEM is one such printer that has been discontinued.

Key Features of the Star TUP500 OEM (Now Unavailable):

  • Presenter Unit: The TUP500 OEM incorporated a presenter unit for smooth paper handling.

  • Jam-Free Operation: With a paper eject assistance function, it minimized paper jams.

  • High Print Speed: Capable of printing at speeds up to 250 mm/sec.

  • Large Paper Roll Support: It accommodated StarAsia A50 large paper rolls (up to 15 cm roll diameter).

  • Dual Interface: Supported both USB and Ethernet connections.

  • Adjustable Paper Guide: Allowed for paper widths ranging from 58 mm to 82.5 mm.

While the Star TUP500 OEM served well during its active years, it’s essential to explore modern alternatives that meet today’s demands.

Introducing the Star SK5-31: The Ideal Replacement

The Star SK5-31 steps up as the worthy successor to the TUP500 OEM. Let’s delve into its impressive features:

  • Compact Design: Measuring just 116×143×76 mm, the SK5-31 is one of the most space-efficient kiosk printers available. It seamlessly integrates into self-service terminals and ticketing kiosks.

  • Flexible Paper Width: The SK5-31 supports paper widths from 50 mm to 82.5 mm, catering to various applications. Whether you’re printing tickets, receipts, or labels, this printer adapts effortlessly.

  • Impressive Speed: With print speeds exceeding 250 mm/sec, the SK5-31 ensures swift and efficient transactions. No more waiting in long queues!

  • Large Paper Roll Handling: The SK5-31 can handle substantial paper rolls, supporting up to 250 mm in diameter (with an optional roll holder). Say goodbye to frequent paper replenishment.

  • Dual-Sided Loading: Ergonomic paper loading from either the right or left side ensures convenience and ease of use.
Star TUP500 OEM alternative: Star SK5-31
Star TUP500 OEM alternative: Star SK5-31
  • Barcode Printing: Need to include barcodes? The SK5-31 supports 1D and 2D barcodes (PDF417, DATAMATRIX, AZTEC, QR codes).

  • International Character Set: Print in any language—no limitations.

  • Long-Lasting Components: The durable printing head covers up to 200 km of printing, and the high-performance cutter handles over 1,000,000 cuts.

  • Anti-Jam System: Patented mechanisms ensure smooth paper handling, minimizing disruptions.

  • Temperature Tolerance: Operates flawlessly in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C.
Why Choose the Star SK5-31?

The SK5-31 is an excellent choice for various kiosk applications, including ticketing, self-service terminals, and more. Its compact form factor, reliability, and advanced features make it a standout option.


In summary, while we bid farewell to the Star TUP500 OEM, the Star SK5-31 takes center stage as the printer of choice for today’s dynamic kiosk environments. Explore its capabilities further and make an informed decision for your specific needs!

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