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PaceBlade’s Value Added Accessories for Transport

PaceBlade Transport value added accessoires tablets

✅ PaceBlade not only offers the best tablets and smartphones for the transportation market, but also a range of accessories that maximize the functionality and efficiency of these devices. At Eutronix, we are proud to offer these high-quality accessories that can take your transportation operations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how these accessories can help your business.

Improve the efficiency of your transportation operations with PaceBlade’s value added accessories

At Eutronix we understand that a highly suitable device is essential for the transport sector, but we also know that the availability of the right accessories is just as important. PaceBlade offers a range of accessories specifically designed to optimize the functionality and efficiency of their tablets and smartphones in transport environments. In this blog post we highlight some of these accessories that provide significant added value to your transport operations.

Ideally suited for applications in:
🚛 Freight Transport | 🚌 Public Transport | 🚑 Emergency Services | 🚚 Field Service | 🏬 Warehousing | 🚲 Food Delivery

Camera Hub Transport Vrachtwagens PaceBlade
Analogue Camera | Camera Hub Kit

The Camera Hub Kit is an indispensable accessory for trucks and buses. This kit provides a comprehensive solution for video surveillance and driving safety. With the ability to connect up to four 1080p cameras, which can be strategically placed around the vehicle, drivers get a full view of their surroundings. The special day/night cameras, developed for the transport sector, provide excellent live images in both sunlight and night light. This helps prevent accidents and improve road safety. In addition, an additional 15 meter long cable is included for easy installation, making the kit installation quick and efficient.

Barcode Scanner Module PaceBlade
Barcode Scanner Add-on Module

Efficient and accurate inventory management is crucial in the transport sector. PaceBlade’s barcode scanners can be easily integrated as an add-on module on their tablets. These Zebra SE4107 scanners are of high quality and offer reliable performance. The add-on modules are easy to assemble/install/disassemble on the back of the tablet or smartphone via the pogo-pin connectors. In addition, a free application with ‘scan key’ is supplied as standard. The scanners have also been developed to be used in combination with the cradle, so you do not have to remove the add-on module from the device to place it in the cradle.

PaceBlade FMC650 CAN Bus
CAN Bus Adapter

The CAN Bus adapter is designed to send vehicle information directly to the PaceBlade tablets. This provides real-time insight into vehicle performance, such as fuel consumption, speed and engine status. By monitoring this data, transportation companies can predictively manage maintenance and reduce operational costs.

Lora Module Trnsport Paceblade
LORA Receiver Module

Monitoring temperature is crucial for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. The LORA Module acts as a reliable temperature sensor that sends real-time data to the PaceBlade tablets. This allows transport companies to continuously monitor and control temperatures, which is essential for cargo integrity.

Vehicle Cradle PaceBlade
Custom Cradles

For the safe and stable mounting of tablets in vehicles, PaceBlade offers custom-made cradles with the right connectors, such as M12 and RJ45 Ethernet. These cradles are specially designed for use in public transport and ensure that the tablets stay firmly in place, even in rough driving conditions. Moreover, they offer reliable connectivity options for various applications.

Sunshield Cap PaceBlade Transport Drivers
Sunshield Cap

Drivers often have to deal with bright sunlight that makes the screen of their tablets difficult to read. The Sunshield Cap from PaceBlade is a simple but effective solution that prevents bright sunlight from blinding the screen. This ensures that drivers always have a clear view of their tablet screen, improving safety and efficiency while driving.

Did you know?

PaceBlade: All solutions

PaceBlade has quickly positioned itself as the brand of robust hardware solutions for transport (public transport, freight transport), field service and warehousing. PaceBlade continues where other brands stop. All products have the correct certifications for use in public transport. It offers a complete product line of a Smartphone and 7 to 10 inch Tablets, but also offers excellent added value by supplying all necessary accessories in the hardware box. In addition, all PaceBlades have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, the option of comprehensive service contracts and a free PaceBlade MDM software license. All this for an unprecedented price-quality ratio.

PaceBlade LDT-101

  • 10” Rugged Tablet
  • Android 12 (upgradable)
  • Incl. Vehicle Cradle & Mount

PaceBlade MDT-801

  • 8” Rugged Tablet
  • Android 12 (upgradable)
  • Incl. Vehicle Cradle en& Mount

PaceBlade MDT-860

  • 8” Rugged Tablet
  • Android 11
  • Incl. Vehicle Cradle & Mount

PaceBlade SDT-121

  • 5.7” Rugged Smartphone
  • Android 12 (upgradable)
  • Incl. Magnetic Cradle & Mount

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