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Point Mobile PM86: The Latest Flagship of Point Mobile with Wifi 6

Point Mobile PM86

✔️ Discover the new Point Mobile PM86. A familiar design, similar to its predecessor PM85, but with improved specifications, powerful processor, more robust design and a very fast and reliable wireless connection with WiFi 6 MU-MIMO.

🆕 Point Mobile PM86 – Trust design (from the successful former model PM85), WiFi 6 and also ultra robust.

🚛 Transport & logistics | 👨‍🔧 Field Service | 🛒 Retail
🏬 Warehouse management | 🎫 Leisure | 🍔 Hospitality

Point Mobile PM86 feature 3 eutronix

Point Mobile PM86 Front
Why Point Mobile PM86?
  • Similar look to the PM85 – with even more enhanced performance!
  • Full support from Eutronix with free demo period.
  • Selected by Google as an Android Enterprise Recommended device.
  • Fast and reliable connection via WiFi 6 with 2×2 MU-MIMO (and 4G LTE).
  • Cradles of the PM85 are also compatible with the PM86!
  • Finally, guaranteed 7 years of updates and support from Point Mobile.

Most important features
  • Android 11
    • Upgrade available up to Android 14!
  • Google Android Enterprise Recommended

  • 5 inch display

  • 2.0 GHz Qualcomm Octa Core CPU with 4GB/64GB

  • Wi-Fi 6 with 2×2 MU-MIMO & 4G LTE

  • N3603 or N6703 Honeywell Scan Engine

  • IP67 & IP65, 1.8m droptest (2.0m with rubber boot accessory)

  • 4080 or 5800mAh battery
Point Mobile PM86 scanning

PM86 WiFi 6
WiFi 6 – A fast but aslo reliable wireless connection

The PM86 supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, enabling faster, more secure and reliable data transfer. Together with the additional 2×2 MU-MIMO connection, the PM86 takes advantage of the entire network by increasing the capacity and speed of each access point. Finally, with the 4G LTE option, your employees can stay connected and go wherever they need to be.

Enhanced performance with a familiar design

The Point Mobile PM86 effortlessly combines a familiar aesthetic inherited from its predecessor, PM85, with a complete internal upgrade for improved operational efficiency. Equipped with a powerful 2.0 GHz octa-core Qualcomm processor and 4GB/64GB standard memory, the Point Mobile PM86 can also handle the latest demanding business demands on the smooth Android 11 platform.

Point Mobile PM86 Scanner

Point Mobile PM86 ontwerp
Careful design for an extraordinary user experience

Thanks to a careful design and extensive testing process, the Point Mobile PM86 has been optimized to provide an exceptional user experience. The back cover and battery are now one integrated part, contributing to increased safety and robustness, and offering an easier replacement process. The BLE Beacon transmits signals for up to 20 days after the device is turned off, even without the battery, simplifying management of the PM86. This also prevents valuable devices from being lost.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use the PM86 in combination with the cradles/charging stations of the PM85?

Yes, that’s possible! The PM86 has a similar housing and can therefore also be charged in the PM85 cradle. As a PM85 user, you do not have to purchase new cradles if you wish to upgrade to the PM86.

Why should I choose a rugged mobile computer over regular smartphones?

In business environments, mobile computers often offer significant advantages. They come with advanced scanning engines that deliver superior performance in reading 1D/2D barcodes, with unparalleled speed, accuracy and reading distance, compared to standard smartphone cameras. These barcode solutions are used for sorting warehouse items, tracking workflows or digitally managing production facilities.

Rugged mobile computers also last much longer without breaking down and are ideal for harsh working environments. At Point Mobile, we guarantee up to 7 years of support in the form of security patches for all our Android devices, significantly extending the life of the devices and reducing long-term costs.

Are physical buttons programmable?

Yes, you can map physical buttons (other than the power button) for specific uses through the EmKit, which is free and pre-installed.

Can I upgrade the PM86 with Android 11 to Android 12 in the future?

The PM86 offers a guaranteed upgrade option up to and including Android 14!

Will my old applications from older Android devices still run on the PM86?

If your company has deployed Android devices with an older operating system, you can easily migrate all applications to the PM86 (Android 11) without interrupting the workflow.

Did you know?

Eutronix has been a Point Mobile Gold Partner for 5 years in a row? Partly because of this, we are in daily contact with the manufacturer and we have a very good relationship. Our partners can therefore enjoy very good price conditions and Eutronix also has an extensive demo pool of various Point Mobile devices.

Point Mobile Gold Partner Eutronix

The Point Mobile PM86 at a glance + accessories
PM86 at a glance
Pm86 Point Mobile accessoires

Eutronix is ​​here to advise you on the best solution for your specific application.

Contact our team for pricing and/or free demo of the Point Mobile PM86.

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