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Unitech’s Successful HT630 With A Modern Twist: The HT330

Unitech HT330

Discover the Unitech HT330 ➡️ A light and compact 4 inch handheld terminal with physical keypad, 450 Nits display, Android 12, 5200mAh battery, integrated barcode scanner and even OCR reader! In short: Everything you need for a user-friendly ‘one-hand operation’, even in intensive scanning situations.

The Unitech HT630 has been a popular Handheld Terminal for many years and is used in various applications such as warehouse management, field service, transport, logistics and retail. With the changing technology and the evolving needs of the users, Unitech has presented it’s successor: The Unitech HT330. Discover the unique benefits of the HT330 for your specific application.

🏪 Retail | 🚛 Transport & Logistics |
🏬 Warehousing | 🏭 Manufacturing |
👨‍🔧 Field Service

HT330 Unitech Retail Scanning

Unitech HT330 Retail
A reliable working partner, now and in the future

The Unitech HT330 offers a unique combination of a 4 inch display, physical and user-friendly keypad (32key) as well as Android 12 as operating system with GMS (Google Mobile Services). Because the HT330 is also equipped with a handstrap as standard, this device is the ideal handy companion for maximizing data collection.

Compatible with various MDM & Software tool solutions

The Unitech HT330 supports various Mobile Device Management software such as SOTI and 42Gears. With these MDM solutions you can, for example:

  • Deploy devices quickly and easy
  • Secure management of applications and content
  • Eliminate mobile device downtime
  • Optimize data delivery

In addition, the HT330 also support Kalipso Studio. It allows users to develop their own apps without complicated coding, which will reduce project development effort and increase productivity.

Unitech HT330 SOTI Kalipso

Unitech Ht330 Scanning
High quality components and spare parts

The removable 5200mAh battery of the HT330, in combination with the 3GB RAM / 32GB Flash memory, ensures that this devices can be used for 20 working hours on one full battery. Ideal for use in intensive scanning scenarios such as stock counts and audits.

Always connected with a rich equipment of data capture

4G LTE, Dual-Band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0. With the Unitech HT330 you are always connected, wherever you are. With a strong bandwidth of 2.4G + 5GHz, you have the guarantee of fast synchronization and excellent signal reception.

A powerful integrated 2D barcode engine, 13 megapixel camera with 5 megapixel front camera, NFC and UHF RFID reading capability provides a rich array of data capture capabilities.

Unitech HT330 Pistol Grip

HT330 Android
One-Hand operation and ultra rugged

The Unitech HT330 is very suitable for demanding environments due to its user-friendly interface in combination with an ultra rugged casing. The 450 Nits display ensures a good display of the screen, even with bright and direct (sun) light. HT330 is IP-67 certified as standard with a 1.5 meter drop test, but when using the rubber boot accessory this will be enhanced to 1.8 meters.

Did you know?

The Unitech HT330 also supports OCR! OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition technology and this allows users to convert numbers or characters into digital formats on cardboard, paper, electronic chips, etc.

  • Reading ID numbers on passports
  • Reading vehicle registration numbers and electronic chips
  • Reading lot numbers on boxes/packaging
Unitech HT330 OCR reader

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