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PaceBlade MDT-801: A unique fully configurable solution for transport

PaceBlade MDT-801 Rugged Transport Tablet

Discover the PaceBlade MDT-801 ➡️ A lightweight and compact 8 inch rugged tablet with Android 12, 2-in-1 vehicle/desktop cradle, dialer application and much more..

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The PaceBlade MDT-801 Tablet is the perfect solution for the public and freight transport market, such as trucks, field service vans, buses, trains, metros, and taxis, as well as warehousing environments. This 8-inch tablet is specifically designed for professional use and offers an impressive price-quality ratio.

🚌 Transport | 🧑‍🔧 Field Service | 🏬 Warehousing | 🏭 Industry/Manufacturing

Discover the unique features of the PaceBlade MDT-801 ✔️

PaceBlade proudly announces it’s new era of Rugged Hardware solutions for the transportation market. The 101 Series (LDT-101 and MDT-801) are making your transportation processes more efficient, easier and faster.

Octa Core CPU
Powerful, smooth and capable

One of the standout features of the MDT-801 is its powerful processing capabilities. It is powered by a 2.0 GHz Octa Core processor, which allows for smooth and efficient multitasking. With 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (expandable via micro sd slot), it can handle even the most demanding apps and programs.

PaceBlade MDT-801 Display
8 inch display

The MDT-801 also has a vibrant 8-inch IPS display, with a resolution of 1280×800. The display is also equipped with a multi-touch screen, which makes it easy to navigate through the various apps and programs.

PaceBlade MDT-801 Vehicle and Desktop Cradle
One solution, suitable for multi-purpose

The MDT-801 is delivered with a 2-in-1 cradle which can be used both as a professional vehicle and desktop cradle. There are also several optional interfacing ports that can be added to the cradle such as RJ45 Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB OTG, etc.

It also comes with a rotating handstrap including fold-out tripod, which you don’t have to remove from the Tablet in order to place it in the cradle, which is a nice feature.

PaceBlade 101 Series - LDT-101 & MDT-801
PaceBlade MDT-801: the newest specifications and fully certified

The MDT-801 is the small brother of the LDT-101. It is exactly the same, except for the fact that it has a 8 inch display instead of 10 inch.

The MDT-801 runs on the newest Android 12 version and can be delivered with or without GMS (Google Mobile Services).

Additionally, it is fully certified for the needs and requirements in the public transportation market. For example, the tablet is E-Mark R10.06 certified which is a must for the public transport market.

Another unique feature of the MDT-801 is that it has a dialer application, which is not a common feature on tablets and is normally only found on smartphones. This makes it possible to do phone calls with an 8 inch Tablet.

PaceBlade MDT-801 Barcode Scanner Add-on module
Optional Barcode Scanning Module

Optionally, the MDT-801 can be equipped with a 2D Barcode Scanner add-on module. This is a click-and-go add-on module which can be added to the rear side of the device for the possibility of scanning barcodes/qr codes with the MDT-801 Tablet.

Did you know?
PaceBlade MDM

All PaceBlade tablets are delivered with a free MDM tool (Mobile Device Management) tool. With this tool, you can do remote firmware upgrades, configuration management, set up a kiosk mode and much more! Furthermore, all PaceBlade tablets have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, whereas the standard for European hardware is usually 1 year.

Summary: PaceBlade MDT-801
PaceBlade MDT-801 Summary

In conclusion, the PaceBlade MDT-801 Tablet is the perfect solution for transportation companies, field service vans, public transport, and warehousing environments. With its powerful processing capabilities, vibrant display, long battery life, and various connectivity options, it is fully certified for the needs and requirements in the public transportation market and it is specially designed for professional use. Additionally, it comes with a 2-in-1 cradle and several optional interfacing ports, and an unique dialer app.

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