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Which TSC Label Printer Should You Choose For Your Warehouses?

Eutronix - imprimantes étiquettes codes-barres entrepôts TSC Alpha 30L 40L MH241 MH261

Discover the new Alpha 30L and Alpha 40L mobile printers, as well as the industrial MH241 and MH261 ranges.

Which TSC Label Printer Should You Choose For Your Warehouses?

Are your clients active in the following sectors?

📦  Logistics  🏭  Industry  🚚  Transport

Are they looking for a reliable, robust and fast label and barcode printing solution for their warehouses? With the added bonus of a maintenance service?

In partnership with TSC, we present the latest in label and barcode printers:

Alpha 30L / Alpha 40L ➜ Mobility, Ergonomics, Efficiency, Versatility
MH241 / MH261 ➜ Speed, Robustness, Volume, Connectivity

TSC Alpha 30L 40L
Alpha 30L / Alpha 40L
  • Rugged design able to withstand drops from 1.8m, up to 2.5m with IP54 case
  • Wireless communication interfaces: MFi Bluetooth® 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac support with Bluetooth® 4.2 module
  • Supports label rolls up to 67mm outside diameter
  • Label width up to 80 mm (Alpha 30L) and 112 mm (Alpha 40L)
  • Integrated peel-off kit or linerless kit option to increase productivity
  • TSC Sense Care feature to monitor smart battery and printhead status
  • SOTI connect and TSC Console tools for printer management



TSC MH241 MH261
MH241  / MH261
  • Self-diagnostic mechanism
  • Easy replacement of print head and print roller
  • Wireless communication interfaces: supports 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi connections with Bluetooth 4.2 combo module
  • Fast print speed up to 14 inches per second
  • Available in resolutions of 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi (MH241); the print head is interchangeable for different resolutions
  • Capable of peeling off small labels with a minimum length of 0.5 inches (MH241 series)
  • 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen for advanced models
  • Internal rewinder to handle full rolls of 8 inch outside diameter (MH241 series)
  • Ribbon capacity of 600 meters
  • Support media with top and bottom black marks, select media sensor settings from display menu




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  • Guaranteed repair time + printhead kit (MH range)
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