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RK95: a frozen mobile terminal!


Do your clients work in cold and/or refrigerated environments? Do they frequently have to move from a cold environment to a warmer one?

It is therefore very likely that they will have difficulty reading the screen and that barcode reading will not work properly due to condensation.

Stemming from the 9700 series, the use of the RK95 is now extended to refrigeration and refrigerated environments.

Among the characteristics of this special model:

• Suitable for storage in cold rooms with a temperature down to -30 ° C without condensation
• Smooth reading and optimal operation thanks to integrated heaters
• Supplied with control software that allows devices to be automatically activated / deactivated at the request of the user
• Ice resistant materials that prevent potential damage from low temperatures
• Dedicated cold-resistant battery to guarantee an operating time adapted to the duration of operations

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