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Paceblade SDT-121: Handheld developed with vision for transport

Eutronix - ¨Paceblade SDT-121

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✓ Different from usual – not a standard solution.
✓ Very attractive price!
✓ Includes vehicle/bike mount cradle with magnetic lock (in/out transport) for easy attachment and disconnection (fixed and mobile use).
✓ Intelligent wired cradle for connecting various external peripherals.
✓ 2 year manufacturer’s warranty with option for additional service contracts.
✓ Compatible with various management tools for remote management of your device.

Terms such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) sound ideal when employees can use business applications (managed or not) on their own phone for work purposes. However, in a business and industrial environment, smartphones have to meet a series of demands.

Eutronix - Paceblade SDT-121

An industrial smartphone must meet a number of specific requirements:

Robust: Tested to meet MIL810G guidelines with an associated drop test and IP rating for protection against water, dust and a drop at a certain height.

Robust smart accessories, such as a magnetic lock cradle with pogo-pin connectors for a fast and robust way of charging. But also the simultaneous charging of 6 devices in a multi-charging dock.

Long product availability of 3 to 5 years on average so that the number of devices can be extended in the long term, as well as service on the hardware for optimal deployment and depreciation.

With the Paceblade SDT-121 you have a robust smartphone at a very attractive price. Perfect to support couriers, drivers and transporters in their daily work.

Eutronix - Paceblade SDT-121
Eutronix - Paceblade SDT-121

In transport, efficiency and speed are an absolute added value for your organization that can make a real difference. By deploying the Paceblade SDT-121 rugged smartphone with the accompanying accessories specifically developed for the Transport & Logistics sector, you will achieve these goals.

The Paceblade SDT-121 has a large 5.72 inch HD display and a large battery capacity that ensures optimal use during a full work shift.


Eutronix SDT-121

The smart magnetic lock cradle ensures fast, safe and accurate placement and also disconnection of the smartphone from the cradle.

Special attachments are available as standard with the Paceblade smartphone for bicycles, motorcycles, trucks or buses. In addition, the intelligent cradle has cabling to connect various external peripherals.

For central charging stations, 6 slot charging cradles with the same simple magnetic lock are available. The employee can simply place the smartphone into the charger and the smartphone is charged correctly.

Eutronix - SDT-121

The Paceblade SDT-121 smartphone is perfectly adapted to bicycle/motorcycle transport applications.

The courier mounts a magnetic lock cradle on his handlebars where the device can easily be attached thanks to its magnetic back and clicks into place immediately. This solution also has an ‘anti theft’ function. The courier can navigate to the destination even if it rains thanks to the IP-68 rating. With one hand, the smartphone can be ‘unlocked’ and taken to the final destination to, for example, receive a signature for proof of delivery.

In addition, the SDT-121 supports various management tools so that remote support can be given on the device.

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