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Open the door to new opportunities with the Internet of Things

Eutronix - internet of things signalisation eutronix

Remote connection, access and control of your signaling solutions.

🚨 Our expertise in signalling solutions is well established! 🚨

Warning systems, sirens, flashes, optical, sound and light warning devices … our product range contains everything you need to signal and to protect your customers’ buildings, construction sites, machines and vehicles.

What if you took it one step further?🤔

Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we can offer you various solutions to automate and optimize processes:

✓ detect and report measurement data
✓ report a problem or fault remotely
✓ monitor and identify your equipment in real time and on demand
✓ secure by keeping people away from danger
✓ and much more …

Open the way to new opportunities thanks to the IoT and take advantage of a sometimes impressive and fast return on investment!

Do you want to know more about the benefits of IoT? Contact us now, we are committed to thinking together about the solutions best suited to the needs of your customers.

Philippe, your expert in IoT solutions
Alex, your expert in signalling solutions

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