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Personalize your mobile devices with a custom case!

Eutronix - custom cases

In collaboration with a Dutch leather goods workshop, we offer tailor-made leather cases to allow your customers to better carry their mobile devices.


Our solutions are easy to use and designed to free the user from their hands.

Your customers will gain in efficiency and productivity!

Good to know:

✓ Leather cases are completely custom made for any mobile device offered by Eutronix.

✓ It is possible to personalize them by adding your logo or your client’s logo.

✓ We provide personalized cases regardless of the brand.

✓ You can choose between several types of leather (eg white leather or black leather).

✓ We offer a choice of clips and loops to better carry the devices on a belt or on the shoulder.


Interested ? Get in touch to receive your sample!

Until next time,

Your Eutronix team

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