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Eutronix, your certified Android Enterprise Recommended partner

Eutronix Google Android Enterprise Recommended

Eutronix is a certified Android Enterprise Recommended partner, allowing us to advise you even better on the best Android solutions for you.

After a successful series of training courses, Eutronix is officially certified as an Android Enterprise Recommended partner. This allows us to advise you even better on the best Android solutions and the implementation of your hardware. We offer optimal technical support for all of your issues.

Eutronix Google Enterprise Recommended

Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) makes it easier to select, manage and secure your Android device and offers a future-proof solution for the coming years.

With the arrival of the Android open source operating system , the market for Mobility and Auto-ID devices has been re-evaluated in recent years and the choice for Enterprise solutions has also grown.

An overwhelming array of mobile devices has entered the Enterprise market. As a result, you can now find a wide range of lesser-known brands for professional use.

All the more reason for Google to create the AER program especially for the business market, in which requirements have been drawn up that mobile devices must meet according to Google. Google started this program in 2014, at the time still known as Android for Work. Within this Android for Work, the possibility was created to distinguish personal and business data on your mobile device. Security was also improved.

In 2019, the program further developed into a complete Android program that focuses on selecting future-proof devices with an emphasis on security updates, system updates, performance specifications and integrated software for simplifying business mobile use such as deployment services via QR code, NFC and Zero-Touch enrollment.

Some important requirements for robust AER devices:
  • Minimum Android version 7 and the option for a Major OS upgrade to at least one version higher. For example from Android 7 to Android 8 or from Android 8 to Android 9. A small number of devices within the AER program even offer the option of an upgrade to 2 versions higher. The possibility to do this depends on the extent to which the integrated chipset supports the Android version.
  • Security updates available within 90 days and guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the device’s launch date.
  • Minimum performance (2GB RAM / 16GB ROM, 1.1 Ghz CPU clock speed) and robustness specifications (IP-54, MIL-STD-810G, 1.2 meter drop test).
  • A professional set of functions for deployment and management of mobile devices. An example of this are (often free of charge) integrated software tools for simple and fast configuration of a device, pre-installed device agents for linking to known EMM solutions (such as SOTI Mobicontrol), the possibility to lock the device in a kiosk browser or even  configuring the devices through advanced Zero-Touch enrollment.

Click here for a complete overview of Android Enterprise Recommended requirements:

Android Zero Touch: deploy with consistency

With Zero-Touch, business Android devices can be seamlessly deployed by configuring and shipping the devices online so employees can get up and running as quickly as possible. All the employees have to do is unpack the device, switch it on, connect it to WiFi or insert a SIM card.

By registering the hardware ID in the Zero-Touch Enrollment portal, it is automatically assigned to the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and associated configuration of your choice, without the need for agent installation and other manual steps.

As an extension of Android Enterprise, it is suitable for all Android devices from 8.0 (Oreo) in combination with a wide choice of EMMs; Mobicontrol, Intune, MobileIron, Workspace One, SureMDM, ReMoCloud and more.

Advantages for the IT department:Advantages for your coworkers:

Assurance of continuity, quality with the Android Enterprise Recommended badge
– Better support and services in case of failures
– Save time rolling out new devices
– Always work with the latest OS and get more control over the updates
Work easier and more efficiently with a separate work-private environment
Easy setup
– More productive with an always up-to-date device

Need personal advice?

Eutronix is happy to advise you on the best hardware solutions and services for your organization.

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