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P&O Ferrymasters

Eutronix P&O Ferrymasters

P&O Ferrymasters is one of the leading providers of tailor-made logistics and transport solutions in Europe. Customers are at the heart of everything they do. “From design to delivery, our innovative services are entirely focused on the success of our customers. We integrate road, rail and sea in 13 countries and deliver transparent and efficient supply chain solutions that always go further. “

01. The Challenge

As a major European player in Transport and Logistics, P&O wanted to work with Davanti Warehousing (supplier of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)) to improve processes in their new warehouses in Europe. Davanti called on our expertise to find the right solution for P&O. It started in Rotterdam with rugged mobile barcode scanners and then expanded to other places in Europe. P&O also needed to temporarily lease equipment during the development and expansion phases.

CORAX SaaS WMS from Davanti is an Android-based smart WMS, available in both Desktop and App versions. The WMS makes it possible to manage the arrival, storage and pick-up of goods in P&O warehouses as efficiently as possible.

Although CORAX is a standard application, P&O Ferrymasters have determined the parameters for it to meet their current requirements. Thanks to regular version updates of the software, P&O is assured of working with the most recent and innovative version.

02. The Eutronix Solution

An important but essential first step was to find out whether Davanti’s CORAX WMS software was perfectly compatible with the proposed hardware solution. In collaboration with Davanti, Eutronix had already tested and selected a selection of solutions for end customers. In addition, Eutronix was also in direct contact with the developers of the Corax application for fine-tuning. Following our first meeting, we selected the UL20 from M3 Mobile and the EF501R from Bluebird which both met P&O’s expectations.

For use on reach trucks / forklifts, it had to be possible to quickly, easily and remotely scan with a rugged mobile terminal. For smaller picking orders, a rugged portable laptop computer was required. They were looking for a sustainable and modern solution with guaranteed availability for the next 5 years and an all-inclusive service contract. They also wished to integrate a self-managing kiosk mode. Eutronix suggested Surelock from 42Gears to meet this latter need.

03. Proposed Solutions
M3 Mobile UL20X_LR


  • 4G
  • 2D long range scanner up to 21 meters
  • Extra robust


Bluebird EF501R


  • Ultra rugged and handy laptop
  • 2D scanner
42Gears Surelock


  • Stand-alone kiosk mode function
  • Intuitive interface
Qmoss 5-year premium service contracts


  • Eutronix partner based in the Netherlands for all repairs and maintenance
  • 24/7 partner portal for registration and status monitoring
  • Complete unburdening with pickup and return conditions in Europe
04. Final Result

Through the use of CORAX WMS software from Davanti and hardware from M3 Mobile and Bluebird, P&O is able to guarantee all logistics processes in real time and reliably.

After equipping the Rotterdam warehouse with M3 Mobile and Bluebird scanners, they were also purchased for the new London warehouse a few months later.

As soon as there is a temporary need for rental of scanners in the interim periods, P&O Ferrymasters calls on the Eutronix rental pool.

This way P&O Ferrymasters can continue to focus on growing in the European market!

Eutronix Corax Davanti
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