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LA LORRAINE BAKERY GROUP and Eutronix: a collaboration as good as bread

Eutronix - Panos

La Lorraine Bakery Group is the largest industrial bakery in Belgium. With catering chains such as Panos, Deneubourg, Deli Way and The Coffee Club, the group is also particularly successful in the retail trade. When four years ago the group wanted to roll out its C-TAC XV application, linked to the SAP system, to its points of sale, it went looking for new POS systems and a reliable partner for the corresponding SLA. Numerous excellent references pointed the way to Eutronix.

01. The challenge


La Lorraine Bakery Group asked its software partner C-TAC to develop a retail software solution that was integrated with the central SAP system. It soon became apparent that new POS systems were also needed for this. Given the environment in which it would be used, the hardware had to be food-hardened: easy to maintain, hygienic, resistant and perfectly integrated into the counter.


02. Our response


Eutronix listened carefully to the needs of La Lorraine Bakery Group and found the ideal touchscreen PC, printer, barcode scanner, cash register and screen. For example, the PCs hardly need to be ventilated, so that they do not suck up flour or other dust.

All other POS systems are also supplied in sturdy steel, which makes them much easier to maintain. In addition, Eutronix also offered the La Lorraine Bakery Group a watertight SLA, ensuring the experts of Eutronix  would intervene within 4 hours, 6 days a week.


03. The proposed solution

Touchscreen PCs


Barcode scanners



04. The result

La Lorraine Bakery Group, C-TAC and Eutronix have initiated a successful team collaboration. This has led to additional HW developments such as the development of an RFID solution so that employees could log in to the POS system using a hygienic wristband.

La Lorraine Bakery Group also signed a three-year service contract, with extension options up to 6 years, a sign of confidence in the services of Eutronix.

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