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Eutronix develops effective answer to the new NBN S-21-100 fire safety standard


You have probably already heard that a new fire alarm standard is in place. The NBN S21-100-1 and -2 standards oblige companies and organizations to centrally monitor alarm systems with sirens to prevent all of the sirens in a building from failing at once. In older systems, the necessary modifications to the existing alarm system can lead to high costs. Eutronix therefore developed a smart solution in collaboration with its partners.

01. The challenge


In old alarm systems, when sirens are connected in a loop and a siren breaks down, all other sirens that are behind the faulty siren in the loop will no longer work. To counter this safety problem, the amended NBN S21-100 standard imposes a central monitoring system. In order to use this system, the older alarm systems have to be completely adapted, which is a costly and time-consuming job.


02. Our response


In collaboration with its partners and a team of Belgian engineers, Eutronix developed a short-circuit isolator which is EN54-17 tested. This is a small module that can be used on all sirens, and in particular on the popular ROLP or Roshni Low Profile siren. When this module detects a malfunction in the siren, it will return the incoming current in the other direction so that the sirens behind the malfunctioning siren also receive power in the loop. Eutronix also developed a loop controller to allow these modules to easily work together with any central system.

03. The result

Thanks to the Eutronix solution, companies no longer have to completely replace their old alarm systems in order to comply with the amended NBN S-21-100 fire safety standard. As a result, this solution is much cheaper, especially in larger installations with 10 or more sirens. In addition, Eutronix can fully customize the solution so that it can be applied to any existing fire alarm system.

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