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BPOST equipped with new high-performance scanners

Eutronix - Bpost

Bpost is the first postal operator on Belgian territory responsible for providing the universal service, both for the collection and the distribution of letters and parcels five days a week. With its historic position in sending parcels of less than 100gr within the kingdom, Bpost has 6 sorting centers located in the main Belgian cities and 1,342 offices and post points through which thousands of parcels of various sizes and weights pass every day, for national or international shipments.

01. General objectives of the project

As the main player in transport and logistics in Belgium, Bpost wished to call on the expertise of Eutronix in this sector in order to renew its entire fleet of scanners for more than 10 years. On the one hand, for its sorting centers and on the other hand, for offices and postal points throughout Belgium.

02. Specificities of the project

As a public company, Bpost must operate with very strict and precise specifications for the implementation of any new innovative solution. The administrative part and the reporting of such a project take a very important place and should not be neglected. The project was followed directly by Eutronix a few years ago at the request of Bpost. From 2018, sales to Bpost will go back to indirect in line with the “business model” of Eutronix.

03. Proposed solutions


Used in Bpost sorting centers

  • 433MHz radio frequency
  • Less interference than Bluetooth in industrial settings
  • Technology allowing roaming
  • Bases interconnected in Star Network


Used in offices and postal points

  • Capture of signatures with
    “IQ Imaging” technology
  • Optical recognition of
    characters (OCR)
04. Project results and key figures

800 Datalogic PM9500 industrial scanners being deployed in all Belgian sorting centers.

800 Honeywell Granit 1911iER rugged retail scanners deployed in all Belgian offices and postal points.

BPOST s’équipe de nouveaux scanners hautement performants
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