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An antimicrobial mobile terminal with proven performances

Eutronix - healthcare - EA510

Eutronix introduces you to Unitech’s EA510 HC, the latest antimicrobial mobile device for the healthcare sector with proven performances.

In these times of health crisis, medical equipment must be infallible, perfectly hygienic and incorporate the latest technologies. Frontline caregivers deserve to work with the best tools to provide patients with the best possible care.

Eutronix introduces you to Unitech’s EA510 HC, the latest proven performance antimicrobial mobile device.

Mobility and efficiency

  • Android 9 + GMS operating system, 5.7 ” screen and powerful WiFi connection

Accuracy and minimization of the risk of error

  • high performance 1D / 2D barcode scanner
  • read barcodes and RFID tags to ensure patient identification, medications administered and dosages are correct

Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • housing material meets ISO 22196 antimicrobial standard and can be disinfected with ethanol


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