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A UHF RFID reader for your RS35 PDA!

Eutronix - CipherLab RS35 UHF

This CipherLab UHF RFID reader is designed to facilitate stock and inventory management.

The CipherLab RS35 is a professional grade rugged PDA ideal for:

🛒 Retail 🚚 Transport & Logistics 🏭 Industry

✔ User-centric design: its large 5.5 ” screen makes information easier to read and more comfortable.
✔ Integrated and agile reading features: 2D barcodes, UHF RFID capabilities and a contactless NFC application.
✔ The hot-swap function allows the device to remain in operation while the battery is being replaced.
✔ An Android 10 system, Google Mobile Service and AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified.
✔ An extremely reliable device: our technicians observe almost no RMA requests!

Eutronix - CipherLab RS35 UHF (2)


Discover the new UHF RFID reader, specially designed for the RS35!

✔ Extremely precise and fast, it allows greater efficiency in stock and inventory management.
✔ Read rate of over 900 tags per second at a distance of over 8 meters.
Filtering mode which reduces the time spent checking duplicates during an inventory.

Eutronix - CipherLab ReMoCloud

CipherLab ReMoCloud ™: The Perfect Solution for Managing Multiple Devices

Rapid deployment via QR Code or Zero-Touch for multiple devices.
✔ Configuration of devices for multiple users with different profiles.
Scheduled device update and deployment.
✔ Real-time system parameter checks, controls and adjustments. 
Fast and secure management of multiple devices.

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