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Card readers & RFID 

 Eutronix is very strong in RFID solutions for people identifications, but has also expertise in goods identifications for specific applications. 



Many applications require  to identify a person :

  • Access control to a building, cinema, amusement park, exhibition & museum, festivals, football stadium etc.
  • Payment for public transportation or parking
  • Time & attendance for employees
  • Access to computers for doctors and nurses anywhere in hospitals
  • Patients identification
  • Cashier identification in hospitality

 The persons are most often identified with a badge or PVC card, like a bank card. They can also be identified with a wristband, a key ring or a tag of various sizes and shapes.

The identification technologies include 1D or 2D barcodes, contact chip cards, short distance RFID also called proximity.  The most common proximity technologies on the market are low frequency 125KHz, which is very stable and allows various reading distances, and Mifare (ISO 14443), with short read/write distance but very secure protection possibilities. Belgian public transportation use the Mobib card, with the more secure Calypso technology. 



The most common goods identification method is the barcode, but some very specific projects require RFID technologies, for instance :

  • In libraries, to manage books rentals
  • In clothes wholesale and retail, to read multiple articles without visual contact
  • For identification of crates, pallets… which are recycled and used in an harsh environment where barcode will not resist


The technologies include RFID Low Frequency 125KHz,  High Frequency (ISO 15693 like iCode SLI) and UHF (standard is EPC GEN2). UHF is cheap can reach a very long reading distance, but it is not always easy to obtain 100% of good read depending on the presence of water and the orientation of the tag. HF is influenced by the presence of metal. At Eutronix, we like very much the low frequency which is the most stable.

So these technologies must be tested in real environment, every project is different. Eutronix can help with test equipment or can prepare a pilot with you.

Eutronix has a very strong experience in identification and can help you to select and test the best solution for your application, assist you with project management, and supply you all the equipments that you’ll need :


 RFID    Cards    Card Readers    Professional PDA

RFID cards, badges,
wristbands and other tags 


Printers to personalize
your cards or wristbands 


 RFID fixed readers with
various reading distances

   Professional PDA’s


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